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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
B. Lack of Coordination and Integration

We come now to a brief consideration of our second point of difficulty to be found in the etheric body, which in our tabulation we have called lack of coordination or integration. This is exceedingly prevalent today and is responsible for a good deal of trouble. The etheric body is the inner "substantial" form upon which the physical body is built or constructed. It is the inner scaffolding which underlies every part of the whole outer man; it is the framework which sustains the whole; it is that upon which the outer form is patterned; and it is the network of nadis (infinitely intricate) which constitutes the counterpart or the duplicate aspect of the entire nervous system which forms such an important part of the human mechanism. It is thus definitely, with the blood stream, the instrument of the life force. If, therefore, there is weakness in the relation between this inner structure and the outer form, it will be immediately apparent to you that real difficulty is bound to supervene. This difficulty will take three forms:

  1. The physical form in its dense aspect is too loosely connected with the etheric form or counterpart. This leads to a devitalized and debilitated condition, which predisposes man to sickness or ill health.
  2. The connection is poor in certain directions or aspects of the equipment. Through certain focal points or centers the life force cannot adequately flow, and therefore you have a definite weakness in some part of the physical body. For instance, impotence is such a difficulty and a tendency to laryngitis is another - to mention two widely different disorders.
  3. The connection can also be so basically loose and poor that the soul has very little hold upon its vehicle [80] for outer manifestation, and obsession or possession is easily established. This is an extreme example of the difficulties incident to this condition. Others are certain forms of fainting or loss of consciousness and "petit mal."

There are also, as will be apparent, the exactly reverse conditions when the etheric body is so closely knit or integrated with the personality - whether it is of a highly evolved nature or simply an example of an ordinary etheric body - that every part of the physical body is in a constant condition of stimulation, of galvanic effort, with a resultant activity in the nervous system which - if not correctly regulated - can lead to a great deal of distress. It is to this that I refer in the third heading, "Over-stimulation of the Centers." Too loose a connection or too close a connection leads to trouble, though the first kind of difficulty is usually more serious than the others. I have here given enough to show how interesting and how important a study of the etheric body may be. The whole theme of healing is "tied up" (to use a modern phrase which I find difficult) with the development, unfoldment and control of the seven major centers.

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