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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
Certain things should be established as occult facts in the consciousness of the healer before he is able to work constructively.
  1. First of all, that there is nothing but energy and this energy manifests itself as many differing and varying [36] energies. Of these many energies, the universe is composed. Likewise man's bodies or vehicles of manifestation are without exception constituted of energy units. These we call atoms, and these atomic units are held together in body form by the coherent force of more potent energies.
  2. The major focal point of energy to be found in human beings is that of the soul, but its potency as an agent of cohesion and of integration is as yet greater than its quality potency. In the earlier stages of human evolution, it is the coherence aspect that demonstrates. Later as man's response apparatus, or bodies, becomes more developed, the quality aspect of the soul begins to demonstrate increasingly.
  3. Seen from the inner side where time is not, the human creature demonstrates as an amazing kaleidoscopic mutable phenomenon. Bodies, so called, or rather aggregates of atomic units, fade out and disappear, or flash again into manifestation. Streams of colors pass and repass; they twine or intertwine. Certain areas will then suddenly intensify their brightness and blaze forth with brilliance; or again they can be seen dying out and the phenomenon in certain areas will be colorless and apparently non-existent. But always there is a persistent over-shadowing light, from which a stream of lights pours down into the phenomenal man; this can be seen attaching itself in two major localities to the dense inner core of the physical man. These two points of attachment are to be found in the head and in the heart. There can also be seen, dimly at first but with increasing brightness, seven other pale disks of light which are the early evidence of the seven centers. [37]


  1. These centers, which constitute the quality aspects and the consciousness aspects, and whose function it is to color the appearance or outer expression of man and use it as a response apparatus, are (during the evolutionary process) subject to three types of unfoldment.
    1. That unfoldment which takes place as a physical plane child grows from an infant to a man. By the time he is twenty-one, the centers should normally have reached the same quality of expression as they had attained when he passed out of life in a previous incarnation. The man then takes up life where he had previously left it off.
    2. The awakening of the centers through life experience. Occasionally only one center may be dealt with in any one life; sometimes several are brought into greater functioning consciousness.
    3. There is, finally, the awakening of these centers through the process of initiation. This of course only happens when the man is consciously upon the Path.
  2. The centers determine the man's point of evolution as far as his phenomenal expression is concerned; they work directly upon the physical body through the [38] medium of the endocrine system. This point should be borne in mind, for the future occult healer will approach his patient with this knowledge. He will then work through those centers and glands which govern the particular area of the body wherein the disease or discomfort is located. The time, however, for this has not yet come, for man's ignorance is great. Over-stimulation of the centers, and consequently of the glands, could easily be brought about, and the diseased condition might be stimulated also and increased, instead of dissipated or healed.
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