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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination
30. When this stage is reached then the hindrances and karma are overcome.

The two verses we have just studied have carried the aspirant on from the stage of adept to that of the Christ.

All that hindered, veiled or prevented the full expression of the divine life has been overcome; all barriers are down, all obstacles removed. The wheel of rebirth has served its purpose and the spiritual unit which has entered into form, carrying with it potential powers and latent possibilities, has developed them to their full extent and unfolded the full flower of the soul. The law of cause and effect as it functions in the three worlds no longer controls the liberated soul; his individual karma comes to an end, and though he may still be subservient to group karma (planetary or solar), he himself has nothing to work [427] out nor does he initiate anything which can serve to bind him, by the chains of desire, to the three worlds. His state is summed up for us in the next sutra.

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