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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination
16. The many modifications of the one mind produce the diverse forms, which depend for existence upon those many mind impulses.

In these words, the whole concept is swung out of the realm of the particular into the kingdom of universals. We are brought face to face with cosmic and solar impulses and the smallness and littleness of our individual problem becomes apparent. Every form in manifestation is the result of God's thought; every objective vehicle through which the life impulses of the universe flows is produced and kept in objective manifestation through the steady flow of thought currents emanating from one stupendous cosmic thinker. His mysterious ways, His secret hidden plan, the [407] great purpose towards which He is working in this solar system, is as yet not apparent to man. However, as man's capacity to think in large terms, as his power to visualize the past as a whole, and to unify what knowledge he has of the life of God as it works through the kingdoms of nature, and as his understanding of the nature of consciousness grows, the will of God (based on loving activity) will become apparent.

The clue to the how and the why lies in man's comprehension of his own mental activities. An appreciation of God's great thought form, a solar system and its maintenance, will grow as man comprehends his own thought forms and the way he builds and creates his own environment and colors his own life. He constructs his own worlds by the power of his mental processes and the modifications of that fragment of the universal thinking principle which he has appropriated for his own use.

The solar Logos, God, let it be remembered, is the sum total of every state of consciousness or awareness. Man, - humanity as a whole, or an individual unit - is part of that total. The many minds, from the mind of the atom (recognized by science) to the mind of God Himself, through all grades of thinkers and stages of awareness, are responsible for every form found in our system. As we work from the infinitely small to the infinitely great, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, a gradually expanding state of consciousness and a steadily increasing condition of awareness becomes apparent. In this scale of development [408] three outstanding types of forms are found, as the result of mind;

  1. The form of the atom, the true microcosm.
  2. The form of man, the macrocosm for all the subhuman kingdom.
  3. The form of God, a solar system, the macrocosm for man and all the superhuman stages.

All these forms, with all intermediate forms are dependent upon some life, endowed with the capacity to think, and through thought impulse to modify and influence sentient substance, and build it into forms.

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