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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination
8. From these three kinds of karma emerge those forms which are necessary for the fruition of effects.

In every life, as it comes into physical manifestation, are latent those germs or seeds which must bear fruit, and it is these latent seeds which are the efficient cause of the appearance of the form. Those seeds have been sown at some time and must come to fruition. They are the causes or skandas which produce those bodies in which the effects are to work themselves out. They are the desires, impulses and obligations which keep a man upon the great wheel, which ever turning, carries a man down into physical plane existence, there to bring to fruition as many of those seeds, as under the law, he can handle or deal with in any one life. These are the subjective germs which produce the form in which they fructify, mature and come to completion. If the karmic seeds are black, the man will be grossly selfish, material, and inclined to the left hand path; if black-white, they will carry him into a form suitable for the working out of his obligations, of his debts, duties and interests and the fulfiling of his desires; if they are white they tend to build that body which is the final one to be destroyed, the causal body, the temple of Solomon, the karana sarira of the occultist. That body, at the final liberation, is itself destroyed and [394] naught then separates the man from his Father in Heaven, and nothing keeps him linked to the lower material plane.

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