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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
40. Through subjugation of the samana, the spark becomes the flame.

This sutra is one of the most beautiful in the book and the translation by Charles Johnston should here be noted: "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance." Another interpretation might be "through control of samana the AUM (the Word of Glory) manifests." Out of the heart are the issues of life, and the vital energy called samana controls the heart and the life breath through the lungs. When the body is purified and its energies rightly directed, and when rhythm is achieved, then a radiant life is seen. [333]

This will work out literally and not simply metaphorically, for when the life currents are directed by the soul upon the throne, through the nerves and the blood channels, then only the purest atoms will be built into the body and the result will be a shining forth of light through the entire man. Not only will the head be radiating light so that the clairvoyant will see a halo or circle of brilliant colors, but all the body will be irradiated by the vibrant centers of electrical force distributed throughout the body.

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