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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
36. As the result of this experience and meditation, the higher hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producing intuitional knowledge.

Through meditation the aspirant becomes aware of the counterparts of the five senses as they are found in the subtler realms, and through their awakening and conscious use he becomes able to function as freely on the inner planes as he does on the physical. He can then serve intelligently in those realms and cooperate with the great evolutionary scheme.

The senses may be defined as those organs [323] whereby man becomes aware of his surroundings. In the animal these five senses exist, but the thinking correlating faculty is lacking. They demonstrate as group faculty, analogous to a racial instinct in the human kingdom.

Each of these five senses has a definite connection with one or other of the seven planes of manifestation, and has also a correspondence on all the planes.

Plane Sense
1. Physical Hearing
2. Astral Touch or feeling
3. Mental Sight
4. Buddhic Taste
5. Atmic Smell
A further tabulation taken from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire will serve to make clear the five different aspects of the five senses on the five planes, and for further information, the student is referred to that Treatise pages 186-202.
Microcosmic Sensory Evolution
Plane Sense Subplane
Physical 1. Hearing 5th gaseous
2. Touch, feeling 4th first etheric
3. Sight 3rd super-etheric
4. Taste 2nd subatomic
5. Smell 1st atomic
Astral 1. Clairaudience 5th
2. Psychometry 4th
3. Clairvoyance 3rd
4. Imagination 2nd
5. Emotional idealism 1st
Mental 1. Higher clairaudience 7th (Form)
2. Planetary psychometry 6th (Form)
3. Higher clairvoyance 5th (Form
4. Discrimination 4th (Form)
5. Spiritual discernment 3rd (Formless)
Response to group vibration 2nd (Formless)
Spiritual telepathy 1st (Formless)
Buddhic 1. Comprehension 7th
2. Healing 6th
3. Divine vision 5th
4. Intuition 4th
5. Idealism 3rd
Atmic 1. Beatitude 7th
2. Active service 6th
3. Realization 5th
4. Perfection 4th
5. All knowledge 3rd
In the following table the numbers one, two, three, four and five under each sense refer to the planes of manifestation as given in the first tabulation above.
a. The First Sense - Hearing.
  1. Physical hearing.
  2. Clairaudience
  3. Higher clairaudience.
  4. Comprehension (of four sounds).
  5. Beatitude.

b. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling.

  1. Physical touch.
  2. Psychometry.
  3. Planetary psychometry.
  4. Healing.
  5. Active service.

c. The Third Sense - Sight

  1. Physical sight.
  2. Clairvoyance.
  3. Higher clairvoyance.
  4. Divine vision.
  5. Realization.

d. Fourth Sense - Taste.

  1. Physical taste.
  2. Imagination.
  3. Discrimination.
  4. Intuition.
  5. Perfection.

e. The Fifth Sense - Smell.

  1. Physical smell.
  2. Emotional smell.
  3. Spiritual discernment.
  4. Idealism.
  5. All knowledge.

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