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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
34. Understanding of the mind-consciousness comes from one-pointed meditation upon the heart center.

The sons of men are distinguished from the animal kingdom by the possession of intelligence, of the rational reasoning mind. Hence in the Ageless Wisdom, the Secret Doctrine of the world, human beings are frequently called "sons of mind." It is this which gives them their sense of individuality, of their separate identity; it is this which makes them egos.

In the center of the brain, seated in the pineal gland, we are told is the home of the soul, an outpost of the life of God, a spark of pure spiritual fire. This is the lowest point which pure spiritual life, direct from the Monad, our Father in Heaven, contacts or reaches. It is the termination of the sutratma, or thread which links and connects [319] the various sheaths and passes from the monad on its own high plane, via the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane down into the physical vehicle. This life of God is triple and combines the energy of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and is therefore responsible for the full functioning of all the parts of man's nature on all planes, and for all states of consciousness. One strand of this triple thread or path, the first, is the giver of life, of spirit, of energy. Another, the second, is responsible for the consciousness or intelligence aspect, for the power of spirit to respond to contact and to evolve response. The third concerns the life of the matter or body aspect.

The first aspect via the monad reaches to the pineal gland - the point where spirit resides in man. The second or consciousness aspect, via the ego, makes a point of contact with the heart center, whilst the third aspect or third part of the sutratma links up with the center at the base of the spine, which is the main source of the personality or bodily activity.

Through concentration, therefore, on the light in the head, knowledge of the spiritual worlds and of those pure spirits who work and walk in them is achieved, for Atma or spirit shines there. Similarly through concentrated meditation upon the heart, knowledge of the second aspect, of the conscious intelligent principle which makes a man a son of God, is gained.

Through the development of the head and the use of the head center, the will is brought into [320] functioning activity. It is the characteristic of spirit, and demonstrates purpose and control. Through the unfolding and use of the heart center the love-wisdom aspect is similarly brought into use and the love of God is seen working out in a man's life and work. For the mind of God is love, and the love of God is intelligence, and these two aspects of one great quality are brought into play for the working out of His will and purpose. Of this the Christ was the outstanding example to the Occident, as Krishna was to India, and this has to be reflected and  manifested also in every man.

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