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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
20. As however the object of those thoughts is not apparent to the perceiver, he sees only the thought and not the object. His meditation excludes the tangible.

All that he is "awake" to in his meditation is thought substance, his own chitta (or mind-stuff) and that of others.

It is the inherent activity of this chitta which is the cause of the eventual appearing of forms, tangible and objective, on the physical plane.

Everything that appears is the result of a subjective happening. All that is exists in the mind of the thinker, not in the sense that is usually understood but in the sense that thought sets in motion certain currents of force. These currents of force gradually sweep into shape forms which correspond to the thinker's idea and those forms persist as long as the mind of the thinker is on them and disappear when he "takes his mind off" them.

It is the nature of the thought force or current which is perceived through concentrated meditation. The form which will be ultimately produced does not interest the seer. He knows from the cause what the inevitable effect will be.

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