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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
14. The characteristics of every object are acquired, manifesting or latent.

Much the same idea is covered in this sutra as in the previous one. In time and space all characteristics have relative values. The goal is one; the origin is one, but owing to the differing rates of vibration of the seven great breaths or streams of divine energy, every life borne forth upon them differs and is distinctive. The stage of development of the seven Lords of the Rays is not equal. The unfoldment of the life of the various planetary Logoi, or of the seven Spirits before the Throne of God, is not uniform and the atoms in Their bodies, or the monads who constitute Their vehicles are therefore not uniform in unfoldment.

This is a vast subject and cannot be more than touched upon here. Students will find it of interest to search for information given in the different presentations of the one truth anent the great Lives in whom we "live, and move and have [268] our being." They can be studied under the following names:

  1. The seven Rays,
  2. The seven Spirits before the Throne,
  3. The seven planetary Logoi,
  4. The seven great Lords,
  5. The seven Aeons,
  6. The seven Emanations,
  7. The seven Prajapatis,

and other less known terms, and much light will be forthcoming.

In the characteristic form (taking into consideration its specific point in development, and its lack of development) is revealed to the knower:

  1. The sum total of acquirement. That which the past has given. This is the total chord which the soul of that object is as yet capable of sounding.
  2. The particular range of qualities out of that total acquisition which the life is manifesting through any specific form. This is the present note in the acquired chord which the soul of the object has chosen to sound.
  3. That which is latent and possible. This knowledge will be dual, revealing first, the latent possibilities to be unfolded through the medium of the form contemplated, and secondly, the latent possibilities capable of unfoldment in the present world cycle through various forms. This covers future developments. This will give the yogi the completed chord when the great evolutionary cycle has run its course. [269]

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