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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
11. The establishing of this habit, and the restraining of the mind from its thought-form-making tendency, results eventually in the constant power to contemplate.

Little need be said in explanation of this sutra owing to its clarity. It is in the nature of a summation of the previous sutras.

The idea conveyed is that of the achievement of a constant state of meditation. Though periods in which definite work is done at certain specific and stated hours are of exceeding value, particularly in the early stages of soul unfoldment, yet the ideal condition is that of being in a state of realization all day every day. The ability at will to draw upon the resources of the ego, the constant recognition that one is a Son of God [263] incarnate upon the physical plane, and the ability to draw down, when needed, the power and the force of the soul, is one which will be eventually achieved by every aspirant! But first, however, the habit of recollection has to be instituted and the instantaneous ability to restrain the modifications of the thinking principle has to precede this desirable state of being.

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