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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results
6. This illumination is gradual; it is developed stage by stage.

The evolutionary nature of all growth and unfoldment is dealt with here and the aspirant is reminded that nothing is accomplished at once but only as the result of long and steady effort.

One thing that every aspirant to the mysteries should remember is that growth that is gradual, and relatively slow, is the method of every natural process and this soul unfoldment is, after all, but one of the great processes of nature. All that the aspirant has to do is to provide the right conditions. The growth then will take care of itself normally. Steady perseverance, patient endurance, the achievement of a little every day, are of more value to the aspirant than the violent rushing forward and the enthusiastic endeavor of the emotional and temperamental person. The undue forcing of one's development carries with it certain most definite and specific dangers. These are avoided when the student realizes that the path is long and that an intelligent understanding of each stage of the path is of more value to him than the results achieved through the premature awakening of the psychic nature. The injunction to grow as the flower grows, carries with it a tremendous occult truth. There is an injunction in Ecc., VII, 16. which carries this thought, "Be not righteous over much... why shouldest thou die?" [256]

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