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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union
12. Karma itself has its root in these five hindrances and must come to fruition in this life or in some later life.

Just as long as man on the physical plane is subject to, or governed by these hindrances, just [143] so long will he initiate those activities which will produce inevitable effects, and just so long will he be tied to the wheel of rebirth and be condemned to form-taking. The student should carefully note that these five hindrances are the cause of all the activities of the lower personality or the lower man. Everything he does is based on one or other of them and there is no action of the average man in the three worlds which is not the outcome of ignorance and its accompanying erroneous identifications and reactions.

As the hindrances are overcome and ignorance, the field of them all, is superseded by divine wisdom, there are fewer and fewer effects to work out on the physical plane, and the chains which link a man to the great wheel of physical manifestation are severed one by one. These chains are triple just as the field of ignorance is triple, being the three great planes of consciousness which are the field of human evolution. When the field of ignorance becomes the field of conscious experience and when the chains are felt to be fetters and limitations, the would be chela has made a tremendous step forward in the liberating process. When he can carry the struggle inward into what Ganganatha Jha calls "the unmanifested life" and which we frequently call "the subtler planes" he is entering the Hall of Learning and is severing those fetters which kama (or desire) and the wrong use of the mind have so subtly forged. Later he will enter the Hall of Wisdom and be taught certain esoteric and occult methods of hastening the liberating process. [144]

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