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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union
48. His perception is now unfailingly exact, (or, his mind reveals only the Truth).

Both translations are here given, as they seem to give together a truer idea than either does alone. The word "exact" is used in its occult sense and deals with the outlook of the Perceiver upon all phenomena. The world of illusion, or the world of form must be "exactly known!' This means, literally, that the relation of every form to [105] its name or originating word must be appreciated as it is. At the summation of the evolutionary process every form of divine manifestation must respond exactly to its name, or to the word which set up the original impulse and so brought a life into being. Therefore the first translation emphasizes this idea and the three factors are hinted at.

  1. The idea,
  2. The word,
  3. The resultant form.

They also inevitably bring with them another triplicity,

  1. Time which connects the three,
  2. Space which produces the three,
  3. Evolution, the process of production.

One result of this is the demonstration of the law and the exact fulfiling of the purpose of God. This is realized by the yogi who has succeeded in eliminating all forms from his consciousness and has become aware of that which lies back of all forms. How he does this is revealed by the second translation. The mind stuff, being now perfectly still and the man being polarized in that factor which is not the mind nor any of the sheaths, can transmit to the physical brain unerringly, accurately and without mistake, that which is perceived in the Light of the Shekinah which streams from the Holy of Holies into which the man has succeeded in entering. The truth is known and the cause of every form in all the kingdoms of nature stands revealed. This is the revelation of [106] the true magic and the key to the great magical work in which all true yogis and adepts participate.

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