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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union
1. AUM. (OM) The following instruction concerns the Science of Union.

AUM. is the Word of Glory; it signifies the Word made flesh and the manifestation upon the plane of matter of the second aspect of divinity. This blazing forth of the sons of righteousness before the world is achieved by following the rules herein contained. When all the sons of men have demonstrated that they are also Sons of God, the cosmic Son of God will likewise shine forth with increased intensity of glory. The great initiate, Paul, had a vision of this when he said that "the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain... waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God." (Rom. VIII.)

Raja Yoga, or the science of Union, gives the rules and the means whereby:

  1. Conscious contact can be made with the soul, the second aspect, the Christ within,
  2. Knowledge of the self can be achieved and its control over the not-self maintained, [8]
  3. The power of the ego or soul can be felt in the daily life and soul powers manifested,
  4. The lower psychic nature can be subdued, and the higher psychic faculties demonstrated,
  5. The brain can be brought en rapport with the soul and its messages received,
  6. The "light in the head" can be increased, so that a man becomes a living Flame,
  7. The Path can be found and man himself become that Path.

The following triplicities may be found of value to the student, especially if he remembers that it is the central column which contains the terms applicable to the soul or second aspect. The union to be achieved is that of the third and second aspects. This is consummated at the third initiation (in Christian terminology, the Transfiguration). A later synthesis is then effected between the united third and second aspects and the first:

1st Aspect 2nd Aspect 3rd Aspect
Spirit Soul Body
Father Son (Christ) Holy Ghost
Monad Ego (Soul) Personality
Divine self Higher self Lower self
Life Consciousness Form
Energy Force Matter
The Presence The Angel of the Presence The human being
A clear distinction should be made between the Christ Principle as indicated above, which is a high spiritual aspect to which each member of humanity must attain, and the same term applied to a personage of exalted rank representing that [9] Principle, whether in the historical reference to the Man of Nazareth or otherwise.
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