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Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - The Principles of the Arcane School
VI. The Arcane School is Non-Sectarian, Non-Political and International

The Arcane School stands ready to help any man or woman, no matter what their religious views, their political party, ideology or [292] their national allegiances. If it is true (and we undeviatingly believe it to be so) that the "souls of men are One," then we hold that the concepts and acceptances of the conscious mind of the student do not, in reality, interfere with his ability to grasp this spiritual fact, nor can they prevent his contacting his soul. We only ask that he keep an open mind and cultivate a willingness to see life and world events as a whole; we ask him to regard world affairs - whether political, religious, sociological or economic - as a vast method or field of experience whereby and wherein divine purpose is slowly being worked out; we ask him to investigate how his particular belief fits into that world program, and also whether he is exclusive or inclusive in his approach.

Because of this attitude in the Arcane School, our students today express every kind of political belief and are of every kind of religious persuasion. They should have no barriers or separating wall between themselves and others. How could there be in reality? A man's religious background and his political ideology are usually determined by his place of birth and his national background and tradition. Churchmen of all denominations and spiritual people who own no ecclesiastical allegiances are working with us; members of all political parties and ideologies are also represented. We work together without interfering with each other's views or entering into controversial discussions. Our secretaries are not permitted to enter into political or religious arguments with the students they supervise. We seek only to indicate the common goal, the universal field of service and the ancient methods whereby human beings can pass from the unreal to the Real.

It is true that during the war (1914-1945) the Arcane School officially aligned itself with the purpose of the Allied Nations and took a firm stand against the nations who were fighting the Forces of Light; that was in no way a political move but was based upon the spiritual conviction that the purpose of the Axis powers was contrary to the Plan of God, that it was in opposition to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and the general good and welfare of humanity. The Axis policy was based on the wickedness of separation and hate. This decision on our part not to hold a neutral position was according to the will of the majority of the students. There are esotericists, however, who hold that to be an esotericist means that one holds oneself aloof from mundane affairs and that esoteric students should [293] take no part in the affairs of humanity as a whole; they should be active in spiritual and mental realms. If the physical plane and its affairs lie outside the sphere of influence of spiritual livingness, then there is something basically wrong with our interpretation of truth; if the goal of the spiritual effort is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, then all physical plane events become the concern of all spiritual people everywhere. May it not be true that, because of this ancient cleavage between spiritual life and material action, politics, the Church in all countries, and the economic life of the world have degenerated into the terrible condition which twentieth century humanity has had to face.

The students of the Arcane School are encouraged to carry their spiritual knowledge, energy and understanding into the affairs of humanity and to do this upon the physical level of existence. We ask our students in every nation to study the effective implementation of the spiritual plan and purpose in every phase of human activity, thus relating the word "spiritual" to all our daily activities and not only (as is too often the case) to existing religious groups, to aspiration, to the processes of meditation and of occult study.

The man whose fixed mental belief is that "the souls of men are One" will find himself forced to carry that concept into practice in his everyday life; if he does not do so, be is nothing but a theorist, an idealist and an impractical mystic. It is this daily application of spiritual and esoteric truth which makes the work of the School practical, useful and interesting.

It is this belief which makes the factor of money of so much importance. Money dominates every phase of our physical plane life; it is the outstanding, controlling factor in our present civilization. So little has hitherto been done in the world to apply money to truly spiritual uses. Much has been done to apply money to philanthropic and humanitarian purposes; much of it lies in the hands of the theologians of the various churches, but the contributing of the funds deliberately and with intention to the work of the Masters and to the helping of the plans of the Spiritual Hierarchy is practically unknown. The inclusive concepts of the Ageless Wisdom and the knowledge of the divine Plan require money in order to reach the masses and it is for this that today humanity waits. This is largely the fault of the mystics, the esotericists and the professional "spiritual people" of the world who regard money as something evil [294] and as something with which they must have no alliance. Much harm has been done by those schools of thought who regard the desire for money (even if it is for the implementing of the Masters' work) as harmful, evil and wrong; they state, therefore, that the true spiritual man must not ask or pray for money.

One of the major needs today is the building up of large funds for the work of the Christ and His disciples and for the task of preparing the minds of men for His coming. It is essential that the material trend of money be redirected and money be made available for the Masters' work. This is one of the new and immediate tasks of the world disciples and spiritual workers, and one which students in the Arcane School are asked to consider; they are urged to think this matter through. The Arcane School, for instance, makes no charge for its services; the work is carried forward on a voluntary basis. A yearly statement is sent out and the students know exactly what it costs to finance the School. When need arises, the students are informed and asked to meet the need if possible, and over the years much generosity has been shown. The Arcane School has no endowment, and no kind "angel" makes heavy contributions regularly and steadily. The workers at Headquarters and in Europe work without pay or for the minimum of salary. This is part of their voluntary contribution to the work.

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