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The Destiny of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today
If we consider these three great planetary centers and their relationships in tabular form we can get the general idea more clearly in mind:
The Holy City.
Will or Power
Purpose, Plan
Life Aspect.
Ruler: Sanat Kumara,
The Lord of the World,
The Ancient of Days,
head center,
spiritual pineal
The new Jerusalem.
Group unity.
Ruler: The Christ,
The World Savior.
heart center.
The city, standing foursquare.
Active Intelligence
Ruler: Lucifer,
Son of the Morning,
The Prodigal Son.
throat center.
These three centers are closely interrelated and must be thought of in their entirety as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three great stages in the unfoldment of God's plan and as constituting the three major centers in the body of the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being." Students who have studied as you have can relate if they so choose, these three centers to the three solar systems, referred to in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire:
  1. In the first solar system, the center which is Humanity [24] was prepared, and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation.
  2. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance and must eventually come into full manifestation upon the physical plane, thereby enabling the Love of God to be seen.
  3. In the next solar system, the center which we today call Shamballa will manifest (intelligently and through love) the will aspect of Deity. It is only however in this second solar system that all these three centers, expressing the three divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stages of livingness. It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings that these centers can ever come into true functioning activity.

Little is known of Shamballa except by Members of the Hierarchy to Whom that center is the goal in the same way that the Hierarchy is, at this time, the goal for humanity. Shamballa is the directing center for the Hierarchy. Little is really known of the will of God except by Those Whose function it is to interpret and express that will through love, intelligently applied. They know what the immediate purpose is and Their major occupation is the working out of that will into manifestation.

We have, therefore, three great centers and from them emanate three types of energy which are taking form as the three governing ideologies in the consciousness of the race. Old ideologies still persist; subsidiary schools of thought are everywhere to be found; distorted interpretations and travesties of reality abound on every hand; on all sides the dead level of the people (the ignorant masses) is played upon by these energies and men become victims of the exponents of the ideologies - past, present and future. [25]

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