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The Destiny of the Nations - Introduction
All this must inevitably be brought about by the work of those who function on one, or other of the five controlling rays to which I have referred above. Nothing can stop or truly impede their united effect. This is a point I would have you remember. Modern man is apt to condemn the ideology which is not familiar to him and for which he has no use. He repudiates those ideas which do not lie at the back of his national and personal life or tradition and which would not suit him as an individual nor meet the need of the nation to which he belongs.

The recognition of these facts would lead to two results if correctly applied: first, the individual who accepts and is devoted to a particular ideology would cease fighting other ideologies for he would remember that the accident of birth and of background is largely responsible for making him - as an individual - what he is and determining his beliefs. And, secondly, it would bring to an end the attempt to impose a personally or nationally accepted ideology (political or religious) on other nations and persons. These are basic steps towards eventual peace and understanding and hence I emphasize them today.

It will be of value next if I connect up the three major planetary centers of energy with the five rays which are today working towards the consummation of the Plan for the race at this time. Three of these streams of energy are working powerfully in the world at this time and two others are struggling for expression. Of these latter, one is [11] struggling towards domination and the other is struggling to hold on to that which it has so long controlled. This refers to the incoming seventh ray and the outgoing sixth ray. They constitute, in their duality, the reactionary and the progressive forces which are seeking to govern human thought, to determine natural and human evolution and to produce widely divergent civilizations and culture - one of which would be the perpetuation and crystallization of that which now exists and the other would be so entirely new, as an outgrowth of the present world upheaval, that it is difficult for the average student to conceive of its nature.

These five energies together will determine the trend of world affairs. The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control these powerful activities that the Plan can be rightly materialized and the close of this century and the beginning of the next see the purposes of God for the planet and for humanity assume right direction and proportion. In this way, the new culture for the relatively few and the new civilization for the many during the coming age will start in such a manner that the peoples of the earth can go forward into an era of peace and true development - spiritual and material. I would like to remind you that the fact that you see the world picture as one of outstanding chaos, of striving ideologies and warring forces, of the persecution of minorities, of hatreds which are working out into a furious preparation for war, and of world anxiety and terror does not really mean that you are seeing the picture as it is in reality. You are seeing what is superficial, temporal, ephemeral and entirely concerned with the form aspect. The Hierarchy is primarily occupied, as you know well, with the consciousness aspect and with the unfoldment of awareness, using form as a means only for the accomplishment of its designs. A closer study of the [12] forces which are producing the outer turmoil may serve to clarify your vision and restore confidence in God's plan and its divine love and loveliness. Let us, therefore, consider these forces and their originating centers, and thus acquire perhaps a new vision and a more constructive point of view.

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