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The Consciousness of the Atom - The Evolution of Man, the Thinker
Lecture IV

The Evolution of Man, the Thinker

This is the fourth in the series of talks which we have had the past month, and perhaps by means of them we have been able to get an idea of one of the fundamental principles which underlie evolution, and which can be seen working out in the solar system.

Let us first briefly recapitulate, in order that we may approach our subject tonight with certain ideas clearly formulated. We have seen that our interpretation of the processes of nature necessitates a threefold concept, which concerns itself with the life aspect, with the substance aspect, and with their close interrelation through the faculty of intelligence manifesting as consciousness of some kind or other. This interrelation will produce, finally, the perfected expression (through the medium of matter) of the conscious purpose of some indwelling entity. I seek to emphasize the fact that the goal of my endeavor is to put before you a hypothesis and a suggestion which may have within it the germ of a possible [78] truth, and which seems to some of us the clearest way of explaining the mystery of the universe. We have seen that the three parts of the one great whole are Spirit, or Life, manifesting through a second factor which we call substance or matter, and utilizing a third factor, which we call the intelligence. In the gradual synthesis, of these three component aspects of deity can be seen the evolution of consciousness.

We next arrived at a more technical discussion of the subject of substance itself, dealing not with the differentiated substances or elements, but with the concept of a primordial substance, and endeavoring to get back as far as possible toward that which has been called by Sir William Crookes "protyle," or that which lies back of the tangible, or objective. We considered the atom, and found that its latest definition was that it was in reality a unit of force or energy consisting of a positive charge of electricity energizing a number of negative particles. It became apparent to us that the tiny atom of the chemist and the physicist was within itself a solar system, with the same general conformation as the greater system, demonstrating a similar activity and governed by analogous laws. We found that it had a central sun, and that around this central sun, pursuing their definite orbits, might be seen the electrons. We noted, also, the fact that the elements differ [79] only according to the number and the arrangement of these electrons around the central positive charge. From this we passed on to the consideration of the soul, or the psyche, of the atom, and found that scientists recognize the truth that atoms themselves possess quality, show symptoms of mind or intelligence, and can discriminate, select, and choose.

We then proceeded to weave what appeared to be a fairy tale. We pictured the human being as an atom, and traced the resemblance of man to an atom; we found that he attracted and held within his sphere of influence the matter of his various bodies, mental, emotional, and physical, in exactly the same way as the electrons were held revolving around their central focal point. The idea proved capable of still further expansion, and we turned our attention to the planet, picturing it as similar in its nature to the human atom, and to the ultimate atom of substance, being but the expression of a life manifesting through a spheroidal form and working out an intelligent purpose. Then we reached our consummation, and viewed the solar system as a cosmic atom, energized by the life of the Logos.

We have, therefore, under consideration, four kinds of atoms:

  • First, the atom of the chemist and physicist.
  • Secondly, the human atom, or man. [80]
  • Thirdly, the planetary atom, energized by a planetary Logos, or the Heavenly Man.
  • Fourthly, the solar atom, indwelt by the solar Logos, or the Deity.

If we are right in our fundamental concept, if there is a grain of reality in our hypothesis, and if there is a substratum of truth in our idea of the atom from which the elements are compounded, it is to be recognized as a life working intelligently through the medium of a form. Then it can perhaps be proven that man is equally a life or center of energy, manifesting through his bodies; then it can perhaps be demonstrated that a planet is also the medium of expression of a still greater center of energy, and further, under the law of analogy, it may perhaps be proven at some distant time that there is a God or central life back of material nature, and an Entity Who functions consciously through the solar system.

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