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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants

Rule 12

Let the disciple learn the use of the hand in service; let him seek the mark of the messenger in his feet, and let him learn to see with the eye that looks out from between the two.

This rule looks easy of interpretation upon the first reading, and seems to enjoin upon the applicant the use of the hands in service, of the feet upon hierarchical errands, and the development of clairvoyance. But the real meaning is much more esoteric. Occultly understood, the "use of the hands" is the utilization of the chakras (or centers)in the palms of the hands in:

  1. Healing bodily ills.
  2. Blessing, and thus curing emotional ills.
  3. Raised in prayer, or the use of the centers of the hands during meditation in the manipulation of mental matter and currents.

These three points will bear careful consideration, and much may be learnt by occidental students from the study of the life of Christ, and a consideration of his methods in using his hands. More cannot be said here, as the subject is too vast to be enlarged upon in this brief commentary.

The "mark of the messenger" in the feet, is a reference to that well-known symbol of the wings on the heels of Mercury. Much upon this subject will be revealed to students in occult schools who will gather together all that can be found concerning the Messenger of the Gods, and who also will study with care information which astrological [207] students have gleaned anent the planet Mercury, and which occult students have gathered concerning the inner round.

On the surface, the expression "the eye which looks out from between the two" seems to signify the third eye, which clairvoyants utilize, but the meaning is very much deeper than that, and lies hidden in the following facts:

  1. That the inner vision is that which all self-conscious beings, from a Logos to a man, are in process of developing.
  2. That the Ego, or Higher Self, is literally to the Monad what the third eye is to man, and therefore is described as looking out from between the Monad or spiritual self on the one hand, and the personal self on the other.

In the fullest sense, therefore, this rule incites the applicant to develop self-consciousness, and thus learn to function in the causal body on the higher levels of the mental plane, controlling from thence all the lower vehicles and seeing clearly all that can be seen in the three worlds, in the past and in the future.

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