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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants

Rule 8

When the disciple nears the portal, the Greater Seven must awaken and bring forth response from the lesser seven upon the double circle.

This rule is a very difficult one, and one which holds in it the elements of danger for the man who undertakes too early to tread the final path. Literally it can be interpreted thus: The would-be initiate must develop somewhat the vibration of the seven head centers, and thus sweep into increased vibratory activity the seven centers in the body upon the etheric plane; affecting also, through reciprocal vibration, the seven physical centers which are inevitably stimulated when the etheric centers approach their maximum vibration. It is not necessary to enlarge upon this point beyond pointing out that as the seven centers within the head become responsive to the Ego the following seven centers,

  1. The head, considered as a unit,
  2. The heart,
  3. The throat,
  4. The solar plexus,
  5. The base of the spine, [201]
  6. The spleen,
  7. The organs of generation,

are also affected, but affected along the line of purification and control. This will produce results in the definitely physical organs through which man functions on the physical plane. In illustration: Man can then transfer consciously the creative fire and energy from the organs of generation to the throat, or, through the conscious control of the heart, produce suspended animation of the physical body. This is not achieved through what is called Hatha Yoga practices, or concentrating the attention upon the physical organs, but through the development of the control by the inner God, who works through the head center and thus dominates all else.

The applicant, therefore, will bend all his energies towards the development of the spiritual life, which development will be the outcome of right thinking, meditation, and service. Through deep study of all there is to be known concerning energy and its focal points, he will coordinate his life so that the life of the spirit may flow through it. This study can only be safely undertaken at present in group work and under guidance from a teacher, the pupils will pledge themselves to permit no experimentation in their lives, and no careless trifling with the fires of the body. They will simply apply themselves to a theoretical comprehension and a life of service.

The centers will then develop normally, whilst the applicant bends his attention to loving his brother perfectly in truth and in deed, to serving whole-heartedly, to thinking intelligently, and to keeping a close watch upon himself. He will also record all that seems to him in his inner life to be concerned with the evolution of the centers. This record can be surveyed by the teacher, comment made, deduction [202] sought, and the quota of information thus gained filed for group reference. In this way much knowledge can be stored up for use.

The applicant who misuses knowledge, who indulges in such practices as "breathing for development," or concentrating upon the centers, will inevitably fail in his endeavor to reach the portal, and will pay the price in his body by the appearance of insanity, of neurasthenic conditions, and various physical ills.

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