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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations
Having learned somewhat group relations, and having developed the ability to work with units in group formation, the initiate now learns the secret of group subordination to the good of the aggregate of groups. This will demonstrate on the physical plane as an ability to work wisely, intelligently and harmoniously with many diverse types, and to cooperate in large plans and wield wide influence.

A part of the plans of the Planetary Logos becomes revealed to him, and the vision includes the revelation of the plan and purpose as it concerns the planet, though as yet the [122] vision is obscured in connection with those plans in their planetary relationship.

This brings the initiate through a series of graded realizations to the portals of the fourth initiation. Through the entire loosing of the initiate from all trammels in the three worlds and the breaking of all bonds of limiting karma, the vision this time is greatly extended, and it might be said that for the first time he becomes aware of the extent of planetary purpose and karma within the scheme. His own personal unimportant karma being now adjusted, he can give his attention to the working off of planetary karma, and the far reaching plans of that great Life who includes all the lesser lives. He not only is brought to a full recognition of the purposes and plans for all the evolutions upon his own planetary scheme, the earth, but also there swings into the radius of his apprehension that planetary scheme which is our earth's complement or polar opposite. He realizes the interrelation existing between the two schemes and the vast dual purpose is revealed to him. It is shown to him how this dual purpose must become one united plan, and henceforth he bends all his energies towards planetary cooperation as it is furthered by work with and through the two great evolutions, human and deva, upon our planet. This concerns the making of adjustments, and the gradual application of energy in stimulation of the various kingdoms in nature, so that through the blending of all of nature's forces the interplay of energy between the two schemes may be quickened. In this way the plans of the solar Logos, as they are being worked out through two Planetary Logoi, may be consummated. The handling, therefore, of solar energy on a tiny scale, is now his privilege, and he is admitted not only into the council chambers of his own Hierarchy, but is permitted entrance also when agents from other planetary schemes are in [123] conference with the Lord of the World and the two great departmental heads.

At the fifth Initiation the vision brings to him a still more extended outlook and a third planetary scheme is seen, forming with the other two schemes one of those triangles of force which are necessitated in the working out of solar evolution. Just as all manifestation proceeds through duality and triplicity back to eventual synthesis so, these schemes, which are but centers of force in the body of a solar Logos, work first as separated units living their own integral life, then as dualities, through the interplay of force through any two schemes, thus aiding. stimulating and complementing each other, and finally as a solar triangle, circulating force from point to point and center to center until the energy is merged and synthesized and the three work together in unity.

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