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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XI - The Participants in the Mysteries

The participants in the mysteries are generally known, and no secret has been made of the general personnel and procedure. It is only sought here to impart a greater sense of reality to the data already given by a fuller exposition and a more pointed reference to the parts played by such during the ceremony. At this stage the student would be wise to bear in mind certain things as he ponders upon the mysteries touched upon here:

  • That care must be taken to interpret all here given in terms of spirit and not of matter or form. We are dealing entirely with the subjective or consciousness aspect of manifestation, and with that which lies back of the objective form. This realization will save the student from much later confusion.
  • That we are considering facts which are substantial and real on the mental plane - the plane on which all the major initiations take place - but which are not materialized on the physical plane, and are not physical plane phenomena. The link between the two planes exists in the continuity of consciousness which the initiate will have developed, and which will enable him to bring through to the physical brain, occurrences and happenings upon the subjective planes of life.

Corroboration of these occurrences, and proof of the accuracy of the transmitted knowledge will demonstrate as follows: [101]

  • In and through the etheric centers. These centers will be greatly stimulated, and will, through their increased inherent energy, enable the initiate to accomplish more in the path of service than he ever before dreamed possible. His dreams and ideals become, not possibilities, but demonstrating facts in manifestation.
  • The physical centers, such as the pineal gland and the pituitary body, will begin to develop rapidly, and he will become conscious of the awakening of the "siddhis," or powers of the soul, in the higher connotation of the words. He will be aware of the process of conscious control, and of the self-initiated manipulations of the above powers. He will realize the methods of egoic contact and the right direction of force.
  • The nervous system, through which the emotional body or astral nature works, will become highly sensitized, yet strong withal. The brain will become ever more rapidly an acute transmitter of the inner impulses. This fact is of real importance, and will bring about - as its significance becomes more apparent - a revolution in the attitude of educators, of physicians and others, to the development of the nervous system and the healing of nervous disorders.
  • Occult memory. The initiate finally becomes aware increasingly of the growth of that inner recollection, or "occult memory," which concerns the work of the Hierarchy and primarily his share in the general plan. When the initiate, who occultly recalls, in his waking consciousness, a ceremonial fact, finds all these manifestations of increased growth and conscious realization in himself, then the truth of his inner assurance is proven and substantiated to him.
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