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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
c. The Technique of Indifference

I have, in my other books, given much information anent the etheric body and the centers - major and minor - which are to be found within its radius. There is a tendency among students to identify the centers with the physical body in their thinking and not so clearly with the etheric body. This concerns location in the majority of cases and is a mistake. Aspirants would do well to avoid any concentration at all [261] upon the physical body and learn gradually to shift their focus of attention into the etheric body. Necessarily the physical body is active and potent but increasingly it should be regarded as an automaton, influenced and directed by:

  1. The vital body and the forces of maya; or by inspiration, emanating from points of spiritual tension.
  2. The astral vehicle and the forces of glamor; or sentient, conscious love, emanating from the soul.
  3. The mind and the forces of illusion; or by illumination, coming from higher sources than the life in the three worlds.
  4. The soul, as the vehicle of monadic impression, until such time as the antahkarana is built - that bridge in mental matter which will eventually link the monad and the personality.

One of the problems which disciples have to solve is the source of the incentive, impulses, impressions or inspiration which - via the etheric body - sweep the physical vehicle into activity upon the physical plane, thus giving a demonstration of the quality, purpose and point of tension of the incarnating man, and manifesting the nature of the man as he is at any particular point upon the ladder of evolution. According to the tensions and impulses indicated, will be the activity of the centers. You can see, therefore, how much that I teach reverses the usual occult procedures. I teach no mode of awakening the centers because right impulse, steady reaction to higher impulsions and the practical recognition of the sources of inspiration will automatically and safely swing the centers into needed and appropriate activity. This is the sound method of development. It is slower, but leads to no premature development and produces a rounded out unfoldment; it enables the aspirant to [262] become truly the Observer and to know with surety what he is doing; it brings the centers, one by one, to a point of spiritual responsiveness and then establishes the ordered and cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature. That breathing exercises may eventually find a place in the training of the disciple is true and possible, but they will be self-initiated as a result of rhythmic living and a constant right use of the Sacred Word, the OM. When, for instance, a disciple in meditation sounds the OM seven times, it is the equivalent of a breathing exercise; when he can send the energy thus generated on the wings of conscious planned thought to one or other of the centers, he is bringing about changes and readjustments within the mechanism which handles force, and when this can be carried out with ease and with the mind held at a point of "thought-full tension," then the disciple is well on the way to shifting his entire focus of attention away from the world of illusion, glamor and maya and into the realm of the soul, in the world of the "clear cold light" and into the kingdom of God.

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