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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
There are, therefore, seven factors which condition the quality of the forces which seek expression through the etheric body:
  1. The ray of the soul.
  2. The ray of the personality.
  3. The ray of the mind.
  4. The ray of the emotional nature.
  5. The ray of the physical vehicle.
  6. The energy of the sun sign.
  7. The influence of the rising sign.

Once, however, these are ascertained and there is some assurance as to their factual truth, the entire problem begins to clarify and the disciple can work with knowledge and understanding. He becomes a scientific worker in the field of hidden forces. He knows then what he is doing, with what energies he must work, and he begins to feel these energies as they find their way into the etheric vehicle.

Now comes the stage wherein he is in a position to find out the reality and the work of the seven centers which provide inlet and outlet for the moving forces and energies with which he is immediately concerned in this particular incarnation. He enters upon a prolonged period of observation, of experiment and experience and institutes a trial and error, [250] a success and failure, campaign which will call for all the strength, courage and endurance of which he is capable.

Broadly speaking, the energy of the soul works through the highest head center and is brought into activity through meditation and applied aptitude in contact. The energy of the integrated personality is focused through the ajna center, between the eyes; and when the disciple can identify himself with that, and is also aware of the nature and the vibration of his soul energy, then he can begin to work with the power of direction, using the eyes as directing agencies. There are, as you have gathered in your studies, three eyes of vision and direction at the disposal of the disciple.

  1. The inner eye, the single eye of the spiritual man. This is the true eye of vision and involves the idea of duality (of the see-er and that which is seen). It is the divine eye. It is that through which the soul looks forth into the world of men and through which direction of the personality takes place.
  2. The right eye, the eye of buddhi, the eye which is in direct responsive relation to the inner eye. Through this eye the highest activity of the personality can be directed upon the physical plane. You have therefore in this connection a triangle of spiritual forces which can be swept into unique activity by the advanced disciple and initiate. [251]

spiritual eye - ajna center - right eye

It is through this triplicity, for instance, that the trained initiate works when dealing with a group of people or with an individual.

  1. The left eye, the eye of manas, the distributor of mental energy under correct control - correct as far as personality purposes are concerned. This eye is also a part of a triangle of forces, available for the use of the aspirant and the probationary disciple.

ajna center - left eye - right eye

The inner or divine eye is quiescent and relatively inactive, being only the organ of observation where the soul is concerned and it is not yet - in the majority of cases - a distributor of directing soul energy. The disciplined reoriented aspirant, however, integrated and focused in his purified personality, is using both buddhic and manasic force; he is beginning to be intuitional and predominantly mental. It is when these two triangles are under control and are beginning to function properly that the seven centers in the etheric body are brought under clear direction, become the recipients of the established rhythm of the developed human being, and present consequently an instrument to the soul through which appropriate energies can flow and the full organization and purpose of a functioning son of God can be manifested on Earth.

Next comes what we have called the stage of direction. The soul or the integrated personality is in command or - on a higher turn of the spiral - the Monad is in command [252] and the personality is simply then the agent of spirit. Through the two triangles or through both of them working synchronously, the centers up the spine (five in all) are brought under rhythmic control. Energy is directed into them or through them; they are steadily brought into a beauty of organization which has been described as a "life aflame with God"; it is a life of spiritual application and service wherein the higher triangle is the most potent.

The following three statements sum up the story of the eventual release of the disciple from the Great Illusion:

  • First: As the soul, working through the higher triangle, becomes the directing agent, illusion is dispelled. The mind becomes illumined.
  • Second: As the personality (under the growing influence of the soul) works through the second triangle, glamor is dissipated. The control of the astral nature is broken.
  • Third: As the disciple, working as the soul and as an integrated personality, assumes direction of his life expression, maya or the world of etheric energies becomes devitalized, and only those forces and energies are employed which serve the need of the disciple or the initiate as he fulfils divine intent.

You will note that this is all embodied and brought about in the sevenfold work described above. This can be summarized as follows:

  1. The disciple discovers the focus of his identification.
  2. He ascertains the nature of the forces he is in the habit of using and which perpetually seem to swing him into action. [253]
  3. He becomes aware of the strength and frequency of this force expression.
    All this is carried forward as the mental observer.
  4. He becomes conscious of the quality of the forces employed, their ray relation or their astrological significance.
    This is a sentient, feeling activity and is not so basically mental as the previous three stages.
  5. He identifies the centers in the etheric body and becomes aware of their individual existence as force agents.
  6. The two "triangles of vision and direction" in the head reach a stage of organization and become
    1. Active and functioning mechanisms.
    2. Related and functioning, as one expressive instrument. This is an objective and subjective activity.
  7. The galvanizing of the physical body into activity through the medium of the directing agencies in the head and through the centers up the spine.

The question now arises as to how this is to be brought about. This brings us to our second point.

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