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Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor
The theme of this technique is, therefore, concerned primarily with:
  1. The process of revelation. This process has been and today is the main testimony and guarantee of the existence [176] behind the scenes of the phenomenal life, of a revealing Group or Agency whose task is of a triple nature:
    1. To gauge the unfoldment of the human consciousness and to meet its constant appeal and demand for further light and knowledge.
    2. To judge what is the next needed revelation and what form it should take, through what medium it should emerge, and where and when it should appear.
    3. To ascertain with what obstructions, hindrances, and preconceived ideas the new incoming revelation will have to contend.
  2. The fact of the Presence. This Presence is the impelling force behind all revelation and is in reality God Immanent, striving ever for recognition and Itself impelled thereto by the fact of God Transcendent.
  3. The influence of the Angel, who is the individualized seed of consciousness through whom, after due growth and response of the personal lower self, will come the revelation of the Presence. All true revelation is concerned with the unfolding glory of divinity in some field of expression, thereby testifying to the latent hidden Presence.
  4. The reaction of the intuitives throughout the world to that revelation and the form in which they present it to the world thinkers. These latter are ever the first to appreciate and appropriate the new truth. The intuitives present the next phase of truth in a relatively pure form even though at the time of presentation it may be symbolically veiled. [177]
  5. The response of the thinking world to the presented truth. It is at this point that illusion appears and misinterpretation and misrepresentation take place. These untrue interpretations of revealed truth, when they have lasted long enough and have acquired momentum, add to the general illusion and become part of it and thus feed and are fed by the world illusion. This is the built-up illusory form of thought, developed down the ages, which controls so much of the mass belief. When the revelation reaches this stage, the mass of men become involved; they recognize the illusion as the truth; they regard this illusion as reality; they fail to grasp the significance of the veiled, symbolically presented revelation but confuse it with the illusory presentation, and thus the intuitively perceived revelation becomes a distorted, twisted doctrine.

Theological interpretations and dogmas fall into this category and there ensues a re-enactment of the ancient drama of the blind leading the blind, to which Christ referred as He faced the theologians of His time.

The above statements are true of all revelation as it comes forth from the emanating center of light, whether they concern so-called religious truth or scientific discoveries or the great standard of spiritual values whereby advanced humanity of both hemispheres seek to live and which, from time to time, move on a step in significance and in importance.

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