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Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor
One of the groups with which I have worked had certain characteristics and difficulties, and it might be of value if I mentioned it here. This group had a curious history in relation to other groups, because its personnel changed several times. Each time, the person who left the group had been in it from karmic right and old relation to myself or to the group [124] members, and had, therefore, earned the opportunity to participate in this activity. Each time they failed, and each time for personality reasons. They lacked group realization and were definitely occupied with themselves. They lacked the new and wider vision. So they eliminated themselves from this initial new age activity. I am explaining this, for it is valuable to disciples to grasp the fact that karmic relation cannot be ignored and that group opportunity must be offered, even though it delay functioning in group service.

Several of the group members were still struggling with glamor and it needed a longer time for them to adjust themselves to recognition of it when encountered. The major task of this group was to dissipate some of the universal glamor by a united indicated meditation. Certain of the group members also were facing or had major adjustments in their lives, and it took a little time for the needed subjective rhythm to become established. But they all worked with understanding, perseverance and enthusiasm, and it was not long before the group work was started.

You would find it of value to consider the following questions:

  1. What is the method whereby ideas are developed from the moment of impressing the mind of some intuitive?
    Broadly speaking, they pass through the following stages, as you have oft been told:
    1. The idea - based on intuitive perception
    2. The ideal - based on mental formulation and distribution.
    3. The idol - based on the concretizing tendency of physical manifestation.
  1. What glamorous do you feel are particularity dominant in the world today, and why? [125]
  2. I have spoken often of the work which this group and certain other groups are intending to do in dissipating world glamor. Have you any ideas as to how this should be done, or what will be demanded of you?
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