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Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor
2. Glamor on the Astral Plane - Glamor

I have dealt with the problem of illusion or glamor on the mental plane. I dealt with it succinctly and briefly, pointing out that it is not primarily the major problem of this group of aspirants but that they - along with the world aspirant, humanity - are primarily occupied with glamor. Those aspirants who stand in the forefront of humanity and whose task it is to confront the world glamor and forge a way through it, have the task of releasing soul energy and mind potency. Among these pioneering souls you should take your stand, realizing the magnitude of the opportunity and the imminence of the hour of release.

You stand on the verge of accepted discipleship. This means that you will shortly have to add to your battle with glamor that of the battle with illusion. Are you strong enough for this? Forget not, that a disciple who is dealing with the aspiration of his nature and who is also wrestling with the problems that result from mental polarization and awareness, and with the energies which become active through soul contact, is rapidly becoming an integrated personality. His task is not therefore easy and calls for the focused activity of his best self. By that phrase, I mean the soul and the aspirational personality.

Already you are battling somewhat with the illusion of ideas with which I dealt in my last instruction. You are thus beginning to develop that discrimination which will lead to right choice of life themes. In this instruction I seek to cast some light upon the glamor which confronts the disciple as an individual and also consider the aspect of glamor with which he must deal as a world server in training.

Speaking symbolically, I would say that the planetary astral body (viewing it from soul levels) is lost in the [70] depths of a surrounding fog. When at night you look out at some dear sky, you see the stars and suns and planets shining with a clear cold brilliancy and with a twinkling blazing light which penetrates for many millions of miles (or light years as they are called) until the human eye registers them and records the existence of these shining stars. Looking, however, at the astral body of the planet, could you but do so, you would see no such clear shining but simply a murky ball of seeming steam and mist and fog. This fog is of a density and thickness which would indicate not only impenetrability but also those conditions which are unfavorable to life. Yet we pass and come and go, we the Teachers on the inner side; and in that fog - seeing all things misshapen and distorted - labor the sons of men. Some are so habituated to the fog and the density that they remain oblivious of its existence, regarding it as right and good and the unchangeable place of their daily life. Others have caught faint glimpses of a clearer world wherein more perfect forms and shapes can be seen and where the fog hides not a dimly sensed reality - though what that reality may be they know not. Still others, such as yourselves, see before you an open path leading to the clear light of day. You know not yet, however, that as you tread the path you must, on the Path itself, work actively and intelligently with the surrounding glamor, following a trail blazed by those who have liberated themselves from the environing mists and passed on into a world of clear horizons. So much of the time spent by disciples on the Path is a process of almost cyclic immersion in glamor and fog, alternating with hours of clarity and vision.

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