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Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor
  1. This illusion demonstrates in seven ways usually:

1. Through wrong Perception of an Idea.

The disciple cannot distinguish between an idea and an ideal, between an idea and a thought-form, or between an intuitive and a mental concept. This is one of the ways of producing illusion found most commonly among aspirants. The mental atmosphere in which we all dwell is one of illusion. It [58] is also an atmosphere or area of conscious contact wherein thought-forms of all kinds are to be found. Some of them are placed there by the Hierarchy for man's finding; some of them are men's thought-forms, built around ideas; some of them are very ancient ideals and have been discarded, but still persist as thought-forms; some of them are entirely new, and therefore are not yet potent, but most attractive. All of them have been created by man at some stage or another of his individual and racial development. Many of them are the shells of long exploded concepts; still others are embryonic; some of them are static and stable; many are in process of descent from intuitional levels; a few are still illumined by the clear light of the soul and are ready for embodiment. A large number of other thought-forms are in process of disintegration. Some of these forms or embodied ideas are of a destructive nature, owing to the type of matter of which they are formed. Others are constructive. All of them are colored by some ray energy. A large number of these forms are necessarily built through the activity of the world of personality; others are in process of construction through the agency of the soul, as well as through the joint activity of both these manifestations. Right perception is therefore essential for each mind, functioning correctly. Aspirants must learn to distinguish between:

  1. An idea and an ideal.
  2. Between that which is embodied, that which is in process of being embodied, and that which is awaiting disintegration. [59]
  3. Between that which is constructive and that which is destructive.
  4. Between the old and the new forms and ideas.
  5. Between the ray ideas and forms as they color the higher presentations.
  6. Between ideas and thought-forms, and between those which are purposely created by the Hierarchy and those which are created by humanity.
  7. Between racial thought-forms and group ideas.

I could list many more differentiations, but the above will suffice to show the need for right perceptions, and to indicate the roots of the prevalence of the world illusion, brought about by wrong perception.

  • The cause is an untrained, unillumined mind.
  • The cure is training in the technique of Raja Yoga.

This results in the ability to hold the mind steady in the light, to perceive correctly, to achieve a right outlook, and to attain a right mental attitude. It was these right attitudes with which the Buddha was dealing when He outlined the Noble Eightfold Path. It involves the reaching of a right mental altitude. Yes, I said altitude, my brothers, and not attitude.

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