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Glamor - A World Problem - Certain Preliminary Clarifications
As to the causes of this world condition, what can I say, brother of mine, which will convey meaning to your minds? The cause lies far back in the consciousness of the "imperfect Gods." Does that sentence really mean aught to you? But little, I fear. We must descend into the realm of greater practicality and only deal with the matter as far as it concerns humanity. Planetary illusion will later be briefly dealt with, but the immediate problem before man and the significant contribution of the disciple is the dissipation of much of the glamor in which mankind is immersed and which, during the coming Aquarian Age, will largely disappear in connection with the astral life of the race. The point I would here make is to call attention to the fact that it is in meditation and in the technique of mind control that the thinkers of the world will begin to rid the world of illusion. Hence the increasing interest in meditation as the weight of the world glamor is increasingly [23] realized, and hence the vital necessity for right understanding of the way of mind control.

Another point which should be noted is that in the crystallization of this material age comes the great opportunity to strike a deadly blow on the planetary Dweller on the Threshold. The reaction at this time, through the stress of circumstances, is bringing about a more spiritual understanding and a reorganization of human values, and this is part of the process whereby a vital part of the world glamor may be dissipated - if only all men of goodwill within the world aura adhere to their appointed task.

When the Buddha was on Earth and achieved illumination, He "let in" a flood of light upon the world problem through His enunciation of the Four Noble Truths. His body of disciples and His nine hundred arhats formulated those four great truths into a structure of dogma and doctrine that - by the power of collective thought - has greatly helped in the attack upon the world illusion. Today the Christ is carrying forward the same great task and in the spiritual significance of His imminent Coming (and in the language of symbolism) He and His nine thousand arhats will strike a second blow at the world glamor. It is for this that we prepare. Only the intuition can dispel illusion and hence the need of training intuitives. Hence the service you can render to this general cause by offering yourselves for this training. If you can overcome glamor in your own lives and if you can, therefore, comprehend the nature of illusion you will help in

  1. The destruction of the dweller on the threshold,
  2. The devitalizing of the general maya,
  3. The dissipation of glamor,
  4. The dispelling of illusion. [24]

This you have to do in your own lives and in the group relation. Then your more general contribution will help in the wider human issues. The acuteness of the intellect, and the illumination of the mind, plus love and intention will accomplish much. To this service, I reiterate my call. During the next few months I would suggest that you do three things:

  1. Define in your own words and as the result of meditation, your understanding of the four expressions with which I have been dealing. I ask for a real analysis and not just four sentences of definition. Before I enlarge upon this subject I would like you to organize your minds on the matter, using definitions as a guide to your thought, yet stating the problem as you see it, and seeking to see the differences existing between these four aspects of the world glamor.
  2. Say each day, with care and thought, a very familiar prayer, The Lord's Prayer. It has many meanings and the trite and usual Christian significance is not for you. Ponder on this most ancient formula of truth and interpret it entirely in terms of a formula for the dissipation of illusion. Write an exegesis on it from this angle, taking it phrase by phrase and regarding it as giving us seven keys to the secret of the elimination of glamor. The formula (which is not essentially a prayer) can be divided as follows:
    1. Invocation to the solar Lord.
    2. Seven sentences, embodying seven keys for the dissipation of illusion.
    3. A final affirmation of divinity.

    Use your intuition and apply these all to the subject of glamor and see at what knowledge you will arrive. [25] Then write it down in the form of an interpretation or article and we may arrive at much value.

  3. Keep a copy of your full moon record and, at the close of six months, subject it to a careful analysis and see what is the sumtotal of gain. Divide your analysis into the following heads and express your understanding of the phenomena:
    1. As to any real contact.
    2. As to any color contact or phenomena.
    3. As to any other phenomena sensed, or seen or heard.

That we may all go forward into greater light and understanding, and that the light may shine upon the vertical Way of the disciple is my prayer and aspiration for you. [26]

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