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Glamor - A World Problem - Certain Preliminary Clarifications
It is an ancient statement of fact, which Plutarch expresses for us in the familiar words, that "An idea is a Being incorporeal, which has no subsistence of itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter and becomes the cause of the manifestation." The figure and form you have registered with your brain and memorized, and likewise its activity in time and space, along with its innate capacity to build the form and express through that form a concept or idea. As you work inwards, you are also becoming aware of the nature of the motivating idea through the study of its form and its demonstrated activity, and you are discovering the field of ideas of analogous nature in which the idea embodied in the symbol finds itself. This field of ideas, interrelated and mutually explanatory, is now open to you and you will increasingly find yourself in a position to move in this world of concepts with freedom. To work and live in the world of ideas now becomes your objective and main effort. You train yourself in the recognition of ideas and concepts as they lie behind every form; you begin to think clearly about them and to see the direction in which they lead you and where, within the Eternal Plan, they fit. [15]

If aspirants will do three things:

  1. Develop the power to visualize,
  2. Train the mind to intuit reality,
  3. Rightly interpret that which is seen,

they can provide a demonstrating laboratory for the trained Observers of the world.

One of the things which the developed intuition can do is to break the glamor and illusion which invade the life. One of the things that a group of aspirants, whose intuitional interplay is established, can accomplish, is to aid in the work of smashing world glamor. Such work can be done when you have awakened the intuition, and when your interrelated understanding is firm and true. The Hierarchy will be able to use the world aspirants as an instrument for the breaking of group glamor wherever it may be found. I refer to this possibility in order to incite you all to more rapid and steady growth and effort.

You have been told that one of the needs lying before all aspirants is to arrive at that intuitional knowledge and that intelligent understanding of glamor, both individual and planetary, which will enable them most definitely to work at its dispelling. That understanding will necessarily be only relative, but in the course of the next few years, your knowledge of the subject and of the methods whereby glamor can be dissipated can be materially increased. This must happen if you work at the problem consciously in your own lives, and attempt to grasp the underlying theory also.

Very little has been. written or taught hitherto anent the subject of glamor, and it may mean much of value if we undertake the consideration of this subject, of its causes, and its effects, and also deal with the technique whereby it [16] can be dissipated and dispelled. It is obvious that I cannot deal with the subject adequately in one instruction, and we will take the next two or three years, therefore, to discuss and study this important matter growing out of the need of the present time and the increased sensitivity of humanity to subtler impressions. It has not been possible for me to do this up till now, as the group was incomplete and the inner cohesion needed strengthening. Now I can do so, as the group members are functioning together with a much increased inner relationship, and a "spirit of love" has been shed abroad among you through the group reaction to each other's need in the recent period of glamor.

It is my intention, therefore, to change your work somewhat, retaining the symbolic phrases as an exercise for your intuitional insight, but dropping the consideration of the more formal and visual symbols. You have not gained from these symbolic forms what has been hoped, for the concrete mind of the majority of the group members simply increased the form aspect, and the remainder needed not this method of instruction and development. We shall change the focus of attention to a deep study of glamor. Herein will lie your service, for as you think truly and use your illumined intelligence (if you can achieve this, my brothers) you can help in time to do two things:

  1. Clarify the group mind on this subject. I refer not here to your particular group, but to the world consciousness.
  2. Help shatter the great illusion which has held, and still holds, the sons of men in thrall.

I ask, therefore, for your service along these lines, and I request also that you give increased attention at the time of your full moon contact with myself. This group should [17] have a special aptitude for work along the line of dispelling glamor at the period of the full moon. Contact is made on the different planes according to the focus of the subtle bodies of the personnel of the group, and this group makes its contact with me on the higher levels of the astral plane. Hence the clarity of their reactions and the wealth of their detailed records. Also, herein will lie eventually their service, for they can later (but not for some long time yet) utilize the days of contact and the "moment of entrance" (as it is sometimes called) for definite work in dispelling some of the world illusion. First must come, however, aptitude in dispelling it in the personal life of each one of you.

Another group makes its contact with me on mental levels and therein will lie their field of service. Still other groups are only as yet in an embryonic stage. Their personnel is incomplete and the group integration only in process of being set up.

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