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Glamor - A World Problem - Certain Preliminary Clarifications
Certain Preliminary Clarifications

All groups involved in esoteric work have their own dharma or duty and all have their peculiar objective. In order that you may clearly vision what you, as aspirants to discipleship have to do, and so intelligently cooperate, I will concisely state the purpose:

Dharma means duty, or obligation, and it is your definite and specific obligation to develop the intuition. The means or methods whereby this development is to be brought about, can be by the study of symbols.

I would ask you to note that generalities concerning the intuition, and attempts to define it are very common, but that a real appreciation of it is rare.

We are told by physicians and scientists that thousands of cells in the human brain are still dormant and, consequently, that the average human being uses only a small part of his equipment. The area of the brain which is found around the pineal gland is that connected with the intuition, and it is these cells which must be roused into activity before there can be any real intuitive perception which, when aroused, will manifest soul control, spiritual illumination, true psychological understanding of one's fellowmen, and a development of the true esoteric sense, which is the objective before you at this time.

I would like to divide what I have to say into three parts, and I plead for a close study of my words:

  1. I seek to define for you the intuition.
  2. I shall deal with its mode of development through the study of symbology. [2]
  3. I shall close by giving some specific instructions as to a useful mode of procedure.

Should you, therefore, find these articles hard to understand and your reaction slow, you must bear in mind that this indicates your need for this study and corroborates what I am telling you. If you will seriously consider with me what the intuition is not, I think my words will find in you an inner response.

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