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From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter One - Introductory Thoughts
Let us give the word "spiritual" a wide connotation! I do not here speak of religious truths; the formulations of the theologians and the churchmen in all the big religious organizations, both Eastern and Western, may, or may not, be true. Let us use the word "spiritual" to signify the world of light and beauty, of order and of purpose, about which the world Scriptures speak, which is the object of the attentive research of the scientists, and into which the pioneers of the human family have always penetrated, returning to tell us of their experiences. Let us regard all manifestations of life as spiritual, and so widen the usual meaning of this word to signify [16] the energies and potencies which lie back of every form in nature and which give to each of them their essential distinguishing characteristics and qualities. For thousands of years all over the planet, the mystics and knowers have borne witness to experiences in subtler worlds where they have been brought into contact with forces and phenomena which are not of this physical world. They speak of meeting with angelic hosts; they refer to the great cloud of witnesses; they commune with the elder brothers of the race who work in other dimensions and who demonstrate powers about which ordinary human beings know nothing; they speak of a light and of a glory; of a direct knowledge of truth and of a world of phenomena which is uniform to the mystics of all races. That much of the testimony can be discarded on the grounds of hallucination may be true; that many of the saints of old were psychopathic cases and neurotics may be equally true; but there still remains a residue of testimony and a sufficient number of reputable witnesses, substantiating this testimony, to force our belief in its verity. These witnesses to the unseen world spoke with words of power and gave forth messages which have moulded the thoughts of men, and directed the lives of millions. They claimed there was a science of spiritual knowledge and a technique of development whereby men could attain to the mystical experience and whereby they could know God.

It is this science which we will study in this book, [17] and this technique which we will seek to unfold. It deals with the right use of the mind, whereby the world of souls reveals itself and that secret door is found and opened which leads from darkness to light, from death to immortality and from the unreal to the Real.

The ultimate solution of our world problem lies in our arrival at this knowledge - a knowledge that is neither eastern nor western, but which is known to both. When we have joined hands with the Orient and when we have united the best thoughts of the East with those of the West, we shall have a synthetic and balanced teaching which will liberate the coming generations. It must begin in the educational field and with the young.

In the West, consciousness has been focused upon the material aspects of living, and all of our mental power has been concentrated upon the control and utilization of material things, the perfecting of physical comforts, and the accumulation of possessions. In the East, where the spiritual realities have been more uniformly held, mental power has been used in concentration and meditation and in deep philosophical and metaphysical study, but the masses of the people, not capable of these activities, have been left in peculiar and strikingly terrible conditions, from the standpoint of physical living. Through the blending of the achievements of the two civilizations (now going on with increasing rapidity) a balance is being struck by means of which the race [18] as a whole will be able to demonstrate its full potency. Both the East and the West are gradually learning to take from each other to mutual advantage, and work in this field is one of the fundamental and necessary things of the present cycle. [21]

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