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Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students
The Planet Mercury

References in The Secret Doctrine

  1. "Mercury is just beginning to get out of a state of obscuration.
    1. Mercury has no satellite.
    2. Mercury is a septenary chain." (Vol. I, 188-189)
  2. "Mercury is far older than the Earth." (Vol. I, 180)
  3. "Mercury is called the first of the celestial Gods, the God which God is attributed the invention of and the first initiation of men into Magic. [663] ... Mercury is Budh, Wisdom, Enlightenment or 'reawakening' in the divine science." (Vol. I, 513)
  4. "Mercury is the Lord of Wisdom." (Vol. II, 31)
  5. "Mercury is still more occult and mysterious than Venus. It is:
    1. Identical with Mithra.
    2. The perpetual companion of the Sun of Wisdom.
    3. The leader and evocator of souls.
    4. One with the Sun." (Vol. II, 31)
  6. "Mercury heals the blind and restores sight, mental and physical." (Vol. II, 571)
  7. "Mercury is sometimes represented:
    1. As three-headed, because one with the Sun and Venus.
    2. As a cube, without arms because the 'power of speech and eloquence can prevail without the assistance of arms and feet.' " (Vol. II, 572)
  8. "The fifth race is born under Mercury." (the Aryan race. A.A.B.) (Vol. II, 32)
  9. "Mercury is the elder brother of the Earth." (Vol. II, 48)
  10. "Mercury receives seven times more light than any other planet." (Vol. II, 570)
  11. "Buddhi and Mercury correspond with each other and both are yellow and radiant golden-colored. In the human system the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and the left eye with Manas and Venus or Lucifer." (Vol. III, 447-448)
  12. "Mercury is called Hermes; and Venus, Aphrodite and their conjunction in man on the psycho-physical plane gives him the name Hermaphrodite." (Vol. III, 458) [664]

References in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

  1. "Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be the vehicles of the three super or major principles. Mercury, the Earth and Mars are closely allied to these three but a hidden mystery lies here." (C.F. 299)
  2. "The second hint I seek to give lies in the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection with this triangle, the analogy lies in the fact that Mercury and the center at the base of the spine in the human being are closely allied. Mercury demonstrates kundalini in intelligent activity whilst Mars demonstrates kundalini latent." (C.F. 181)
  3. "In the middle of the fifth round, the Lord of Mercury will, with the Logos of the Venus scheme and of our Earth, form a temporary triangle of force." (C.F. 371)
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