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Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students
The Seven Sisters, the Pleiades

References in The Secret Doctrine

  1. The Pleiades are the supposed wives of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear. They are also the nurses of the God of War, Mars, the commander of the celestial armies." (Vol. II, 579)
  2. "The Pleiades are the central group of the system of sidereal astronomy.
    1. They are found in the neck of the Bull, the constellation Taurus.
    2. They are therefore in the Milky Way.
    3. They are thus considered (Alcyone, in particular) as the central point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves." (Vol. II, 582)
  3. "The number seven is closely connected with the occult significance of the Pleiades, the six present and the 7th hidden." (Vol. II, 654)
  4. "The Pleiades were at one time the Atlantides and connected with Atlantis and its seven races." (Vol. II, 811)
  5. "One of the most esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions and respective positions of Virgo and the Pleiades." (Vol. II, 454) [658]

From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

  1. "The Pleiades are to the solar system the source of electrical energy and, just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart or love aspect of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of the One about Whom Naught may be Said) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma." (The third aspect) (156)
  2. "Our solar system, with the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear, form a cosmic triangle or an aggregation of centers in the body of the One about Whom Naught may be Said." (182)
  3. "Two other systems, when allied with our solar system and the Pleiades make a lower quaternary." (182)
  4. "The sun, Sirius, is the source of the Logoic mind (manas) in the same sense that the Pleiades are connected with the evolution of mind in the seven Heavenly Men and Venus was responsible for the coming of mind to the Earth." (347)
  5. "Sirius, the Pleiades and our Sun form a cosmic triangle." (375)
  6. "The Pleiades are negatively polarized to our seven schemes." (377)
  7. "Our seven planetary Logoi are transmitters, via Their seven schemes to the seven stars of the Pleiades." (378)
  8. "Three constellations are connected with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation: Sirius, two of the Pleiades and a small constellation whose name must be intuitively ascertained." (699)
  9. "Three great waves of energy sweep cyclically through [659] the entire solar system from...the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades, from that one in particular who is occultly termed "the wife" of the planetary Logos whose scheme will eventually receive the seeds of life from our planet which is not considered a sacred planet"...(1052)
  10. "Cosmic evil...consists in the relation between that spiritual intelligent unit or "Rishi of the Superior Constellation," as He is called (Who is the informing Life of one of the seven stars of the Great Bear) and our planetary Prototype and one of the forces of the Pleiades...The Seven Sisters are occultly called the "seven wives" of the Rishis...(990)
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