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Esoteric Astrology - The Three Crosses - The Cross of the Hidden Christ
The Cardinal Cross

In the four signs of this Cross we find Him also manifesting their energies in their highest forms (from the angle of human understanding), though these are more by implication than by direct statement.

  • Aries - This sign, which is the sign of beginnings, provided the impulse and energy which enabled Him to inaugurate the Christian era; it initiated, through Him, the "age of Love" which is only now beginning to take form, and its potency is now so great that it has brought about (paradoxically) the present world cleavage.
  • Cancer - The potency of this sign is expressed for us by Christ in the oft misinterpreted words: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring." This refers to the mass consciousness in contradistinction to the initiate consciousness of His disciples. Cancer is a mass sign.
  • Libra - Christ stood at the point of balance in human evolution; He stood between the old world and the new, between the East and the West. In the Christian era comes a "point of balance" or that "crisis of equilibrium" in the human kingdom.
  • Capricorn - This sign marks the point of concretion and of crystallization which results eventually in the death of the form. This we see happening today. In His triumph over death and in His resurrection into life, Christ indicated the deep mystery of Capricorn. [568]

A study of these few suggestions anent the life of Christ will bring to light and livingness this whole subject of the three Crosses. It is needless for me to remind you at this point that on Mount Golgotha, these three Crosses are portrayed:

  1. The Mutable Cross - the unrepentant thief. Humanity.
  2. The Fixed Cross - the repentant thief. Hierarchy.
  3. The Cardinal Cross - the Cross of Christ. Shamballa.
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