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Esoteric Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Three major planetary influences
2. Three Major Planetary Influences Today

Within the solar system itself, three of the sacred planets are peculiarly active. They are:

1. Uranus. This planet is the exoteric ruler of Aquarius; it is also the esoteric ruler of Libra and the hierarchical ruler of Aries. It is peculiarly active at this time and brings in the energy of the seventh ray. The circulating of its energies can be portrayed by the following symbol or diagram:

Aries - Aquarius - Libra - Earth

This triple inflow of seventh ray energy, colored by the force of three great constellations, is potent to effect major changes in our little planet. It is interesting to realize that Aries, the Inaugurator, is rendered effective on the Earth through the organizing potency of Uranus. Aries is the source, the beginning and the initiator of the New Age and its coming civilizations, of the appearance of the kingdom of God on earth and also of the individual initiate into the Mysteries. Aquarius is the present Determiner of the future. That which is now initiated in Aries will become manifested in Aquarius, and Libra will enforce the achievement of a point of balance or (esoterically speaking) of the "escape from opposing forces at the midway point between the source and the goal."

2. Mercury is the expression of fourth ray energy and this is, as you know, peculiarly related to the fourth [549] kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. It is the esoteric ruler of Aries (hence it "leads into the mysteries") and is also the exoteric ruler of Gemini, which is the sign of the major opposites as far as humanity is concerned, because it signifies soul and personality, consciousness and form; it is also the exoteric ruler of Virgo, the Mother of the Christ-Child, or the form and that which indwells the form. It is, finally, the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio, which is the sign of discipleship.

This, therefore, brings into a close relation four great constellations, each of which has a peculiar relation to the dualities with which man has a definite evolutionary concern. These are expressed in a unique manner for humanity through Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio and the following diagram is descriptive of the nature of that relation:

Aries - Gemini - Virgo - Scorpio - Earth

When visualizing these diagrams, the symbol should be seen in rapid revolution. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, carries to humanity a certain type of force and this precipitates a point of crisis; it brings about the next great revolution which will lead mankind on to new experience, and to the revelation of the divinity which it is the destiny of man to reveal.

3. Saturn. This planet applies the tests and is so chosen or invoked because the third ray is not only its particular ray but is also the ray of our planet, the Earth. The two notes synchronize. Saturn is also the hierarchical ruler [550] of Libra and, therefore, it brings to the manifestation of mankind and to the various hierarchies involved, a point of crisis to which the due and the outcome lies in the recognition of balance. As Saturn also controls Capricorn in two of its three expressions or fields of influence, it is powerful in the three fields - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - and if you will relate what I here say to what I have said in an earlier part of this treatise re Capricorn, you will see how the sign of initiation hovers over our planet as well as over the destiny of the individual disciple. You have therefore an expression of the third ray force which the following diagram makes clear:

Libra - Saturn - Capricorn - Aquarius - Earth

[Saturn rules one of the decanates of Aquarius.]

This makes factual and clear that at this time, the signs of balance and of initiation can be intelligently used to produce effects on our Earth and this they will immutably do.

These statements conclude what I feel it necessary to say at this time. Initiation -   characterized by self-initiation - is the demand of man today. The stars declare it and decree it. The Hierarchy therefore intentionally collaborates. The crying demand and aspirations of man indicate appreciation of the opportunity and recognized understanding of the proved necessity. The Spirit of Life enforces this. [553]

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