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Esoteric Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Leo, Capricorn and Pisces
1.  Leo, Capricorn and Pisces

The effects produced are mass effects and the Rulers of these constellations which move into activity at this time are those listed in one of the earlier tabulations which I gave you.

  • Leo - Ruler: The Sun, veiling Uranus, the planet of occultism, and that which governs group relations, organizations and the eleventh House. It relates the Leo influence to Aquarius.
  • Capricorn - Ruler: Venus, governing the second House, which is concerned with economics, the distribution of money and metals and which rules Taurus, the "seed house" of illumination and the new emerging light. Venus also rules Libra exoterically and the seventh House wherein enemies are recognized and unions and friendships achieved.
  • Pisces - Ruler: Pluto, governing the eighth House, the house of death, of dissolution, of detachment and ruling Scorpio, the sign of testing and of discipleship.

This tabulation and its inferred relationships warrant careful study in the light of modern affairs and the present world situation. From the angle of the ray energies involved and seeking to control human life, you have the influence of the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law, Order and Magic, [539] the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge, or Science and the first Ray of Will untidily bringing about fundamental changes, and ushering in the new era. This combination is terrifically potent and brings about the precipitation of inner forces, an increased activity of the lower mind and an outpouring of the Shamballa force - all three of which can be seen functioning in the field of the planetary life today as never before. The greater effect is produced owing to the greatly increased sensitivity of mankind, compared to the two other times in which (in cyclic evolution) these three constellations were active. The combination is seen demonstrating in human affairs today. It was responsible for the organization which lay behind the World War - an organization involving all three levels in the threefold world of human evolution and which affects also the three kingdoms in nature, climaxing in the fourth. It is responsible for the use of mental power on a vast scale, notably in the material sense as at present and for the achievement of human desire, plus the self-will of an evil few, who, because of the seeds of evil in their own nature, respond to the lower aspects of this force. It is also responsible for the steadily mounting will-to-good of the awakening many.

A close analysis of these constellations, their planetary rulers and the ray forces which these transmit will clarify the world issues in an amazing manner, plus an appreciation of the houses in which these effects will primarily be felt. The following brief tabulation may prove useful, even if it is only a repetition of that earlier said:

Constellation Ruler Ray House
Leo The Sun
7th 11th
Capricorn Venus 5th 2nd and 7th
Pisces Pluto 1st 8th
[540] The energies poured out, therefore, will be felt primarily in those aspects of human living which are influenced by the rulers of certain houses.

The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization is felt in the house of relationships, of organizations and of mutual effort and of aspiration (either towards good or evil). The forces of this ray work out on the seventh or physical plane - the plane whereon major changes in all forms are made and on which the disciple must firmly stand as he takes initiation.

This seventh ray sweeps into organized and directed activity the world of forces upon the outer sphere of manifestation, and produces the precipitation of Karma, which, in this case leads to:

  1. The working out into expression of all the subjective evil of the life of humanity, thus producing the world war.
  2. The initiation of the planetary Logos and - with Him - of all who take their stand upon the side of the Forces of Light. This takes various forms as far as humanity is concerned:
    1. The initiation of the consciousness of the masses of men into the Aquarian Age, bringing them under the new influences and potencies, and enabling them to make a response of which they would not otherwise be capable.
    2. The initiation of the aspirants of the world on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship.
    3. The bringing about of certain major initiations in the case of those world disciples who are ready enough and strong enough to take them. [541]

In spite of the vast destruction everywhere, the work of the seventh ray is being increasingly felt; the destruction of the forces of evil is going on even though at great cost to the Forces of Light; simultaneously there is a regrouping and a rearrangement of human attitudes and thought; this is brought about as a result of the tremendous demand upon the world thinkers for direction and guidance. Thus the nebulous structure and the dim outlines of the New Age civilization can already be seen.

The underlying spirit of freedom will triumph as it is organized into revolt against slavery. To this end, the seventh ray will increasingly make contribution.

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