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Esoteric Astrology - The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs
2. The Races, the Rays and the Signs

The theme we will now consider is one which is of general interest but not of individual moment. Arguing as one ever must from the universal to the particular, it is essential that humanity relates its own mechanism to the greater mechanism through which the planetary Life functions and views his soul as an infinitesimal part of the world soul. It is necessary for him, therefore, to relate his Sun sign to his rising sign and his soul to his personality, viewing both as aspects and integral parts of the human family. This will be increasingly the case. This process is beginning to demonstrate in the steadily expanding group, national and racial consciousness which humanity is today demonstrating - a consciousness which shows as a spiritual inclusiveness or as an abnormal and wicked attempt (from the standpoint of the soul) to fuse and blend all nations into a world order, based on material issues and dominated by a material vision. There was nothing spiritual in the vision of the leaders of the powers which were called the Axis powers. But the spiritual intent of mankind is slowly growing and the great Law of Contrasts will eventually bring illumination. [519]

I make these references to the present world situation because unless what I have to say is practical in value during this century of destiny, I might as well work at other modes and methods of raising the human consciousness. But there are those who see the issues clearly and will make due application of the imparted truths and for them I write.

Our theme concerns the planetary centers, the rays and the signs which govern and control them. I would first of all call your attention to the following facts which will bear repetition:

  1. Our Earth, being a non-sacred planet, is in process of becoming a sacred planet. This means an interim of upheaval, chaos and of difficulty.
  2. This transference out of the lower states of consciousness, expressed through the lower centers, into a higher state, can and will take place in this world period and in this century if humanity so wills it, if the Forces of Light eventually triumph and if the new world order comes into being. This it will do if the lessons of the war are learnt and right action follows as a result.
  3. Three factors must also be borne in mind:
    1. The whole problem is vaster than anything the human consciousness can grasp, because it concerns the life experience and a point of crisis in the life of the planetary Logos.
    2. He, the Lord of the World, is releasing new energies into the form aspect, i.e., into the Life and the lives of the various kingdoms in nature. Humanity, being the most developed - both from the angle of the mechanism and of consciousness - is the point of greatest response. The mineral [520] kingdom, through the excessive use of its form in the meeting of war necessities - munitions, ships, and planes, etc. - is being profoundly affected as are buildings, for instance, in blasted cities; the vegetable kingdom is almost as deeply affected through the destruction of vast areas of forests, fields and wide spaces of vegetation.
    3. The Shamballa force, thus pursuing its work of destruction, is an aspect of the will and intention of the planetary Logos but its first and primary effect has been to stimulate the will-to-power and the will-to-have of certain great and unspiritual groups. Later this will aspect will evoke the will-to-good and the will-to-build and to this humanity will respond on a large scale. Thus the evil which is now being spread abroad by the opponents of the Forces of Light will be neutralized by the fixed intention of the men and women of goodwill to work for the good of the whole and not for any one part.

It might, therefore, be said that what is truly taking place in the world today is the transference of the energy of the planetary solar plexus to the planetary heart center. The forces of cupidity, aggression, glamor and greed will be transmuted in the present furnace of pain and fiery agony and will be raised into the heart center. There they will be changed into the power of sacrifice, of inclusive surrender, of clear vision of the whole, and into cooperation; this is an aspect of the principle of sharing.

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