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Esoteric Astrology - The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets - The Centers, the Rays and the Signs
It is just as impossible to determine which of the planetary influences are conditioning the centers in the fourth kingdom in nature or in the Earth (viewing it as the vehicle of the planetary Logos) as it is in man, the individual, unless the point in evolution is known and it can be determined upon which stage of the Path of Return the Dweller in the form - macrocosmic and microcosmic - is standing. The whole subject is constantly shifting and changing, just as the individual human being is constantly changing his focus or is to be found working first in, one area [515] of his "body of force" (the three substantial bodies) and then in another.

Each changing personality sees a different ray force enter and each ray governs or transmits its forces through one or other of the seven centers; the Sun sign in each incarnation will be different, leading necessarily to a different rising sign and therefore to a complete new set of planetary influences. Thus the centers in the vital body come under varying pressures and stimulation. In one life, the stimulation applied may tend to vivify the solar plexus or to drive its energies upward into its higher point of transference, the heart center. In another, it may be seen to be focused in the throat center, and by indirect activity affecting the sacral center and - under the major Law of Attraction - producing a raising of the force to the higher creative focus.

As you well know theoretically, the Science of Occultism is the Science of Energies and of the forces upon which they make their impact; this, when concerning man, the individual, and the centers within the human vehicle (major and minor) leads to the Science of Laya Yoga or of the force centers. These again, according to astrological deduction, come under the influence of certain planetary rulers. These relate them in turn to certain great Triangles of Force, formed of three major conditioning constellations. Therefore, the emphasis laid upon the Science of Triangles and its including Science of Esoteric Astrology; this must inevitably take shape in terms of energy, received, transferred and used, and throw light upon the abstruse factors which condition the centers and thus make man what he is at any one time. It is a statement of fact that the world of the occultist is the world of energy, of forces, of their origin, their point of impact and the methods of their [516] assimilation and transference or elimination. Unless, however, there is some scientific method of comprehension, some mode of adapting the life to these factors and some process of experimentation in order to prove the fact, the statement remains relatively useless to the intelligent human being; it remains in the form of an hypothesis, to be proved or disproved. The man who is attempting to master his lower nature and has the goal of expressing his innate divinity requires a golden thread whereby he can find his way out of the caverns of bewilderment and the areas of speculation and enquiry. This process of investigation, deduction and proof, the Science of Esoteric Astrology and its subsidiary sciences will eventually provide. The foundation is already laid. What I here give can provide another step forward and further light. It might here be stated that until the antahkarana (the bridge of light between the higher and the lower minds, between the Spiritual Triad and the threefold personality) is being definitely constructed, these sciences will remain obscure to the average intellect. Once, however, the intuition can come into action, via the antahkarana, light will gradually begin to pour in. The world must begin to accept and give weight to the conclusions of its intuitives; they have ever taken the first needed steps in the unfoldment of the human consciousness. It is the complexity of detail which primarily is responsible for the confusion. The intuition (as the philosopher understands it) is the ability to arrive at knowledge through the activity of some innate sense, apart from the reasoning or logical processes. It comes into activity when the resources of the lower mind have been used, explored and exhausted. Then, and then only, the true intuition begins to function. It is the sense of synthesis, the ability to think in wholes, and to touch the world of causes. When this becomes possible, the [517] investigating astrologer will find that the complexities of the problem will disappear and the details fall into obvious position and in such a manner that the sumtotal will appear in a blinding light of surety. At present students cannot see the wood for the trees, as the proverb says, and that proverb is right. These sciences are mutually interpreting.

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