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Esoteric Astrology - The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets
The Sun, the transmitter of the energy of the second ray, [509] rules the fifth house or mansion of the soul, the causal body in this case; the force of Leo is also involved, the force of the self-conscious soul. The spiritual man, aware of his identity says in this house: "I am the eternal cause of all relation. I am and I exist." The dualism of the second ray is first realized in the fifth house by man, the embodied fifth principle.

Pluto, transmitting first ray energy, rules Scorpio, the sign of discipleship, of the man ready for the fusion brought about through the influence of the sacred planets, and governs the house of major separations and of death. "The arrow of God pierces the heart and death takes place." But in this connection it must be remembered that death is definitely brought about by the soul. It is the soul which shoots the arrow of death. (The upward pointing arrow is the astrological symbol of Pluto.)

It is only in the present cycle that the Sun and Moon "veil" certain planets and are the exoteric symbols for certain esoteric forces. As evolution proceeds, the planets will not be veiled. Their influences will not be so remote. At present the mechanism of the majority of the human family is not tuned to the reception of the rays from Vulcan, Uranus or Neptune whilst Pluto at present only evokes response from groups or from those disciples who are enough evolved rightly to respond. The three veiled planets - Vulcan, Uranus and Neptune are all sacred planets, embodying first, seventh and sixth ray energies. Vulcan is never an exoteric ruler and only comes into real activity when a man is on the Path, whilst Uranus and Neptune are rulers of the eleventh and twelfth houses, and govern Aquarius and Pisces. The implications will be clear to you.

It is not my intention to deal with the houses in detail. Modern astrologers have worked this out relatively [510] satisfactorily, for the houses concern the prison of the soul and its limitations, and with these there is a widespread familiarity. As you know, I am concerned with the astrology of the soul and with the influences of the esoteric planets.

Three suggestions I will however make:

  1. If the investigating astrologer will substitute the esoteric planets for the orthodox exoteric planets (and I have indicated these in connection with the signs of the zodiac) he will get much instructive information, and (if he perseveres) the verification of my ideas.
  2. If he will distinguish between the effects of the sacred planets and the non-sacred he will find the sacred planets endeavor to fuse the personality and make it the instrument of the soul and the non-sacred planets influence more specifically the form nature; much light on the pull between the pairs of opposites may then pour in.
  3. If he will study the "fluid area" where the planets, veiled by the Sun and Moon, come into play and will realize that he must decide (from a study of the chart of the subject and any knowledge he may have) what is the point in evolution reached and which of the three veiled planets is the ruler, he will get much intuitive understanding. He will find himself able to throw much light upon the problem of the probationary disciple when considering the exoteric rulers and upon the problems of disciples when dealing with the esoteric rulers.

If the astrologer will consider these three points and will be willing to experiment with them, a great stride forward into the unveiling of the astrology of the soul will take place. He will find it useful also to work out the higher correspondences to the material realities for which the houses stand. For instance, I will give you some idea of [511] these correspondences in connection with the first two houses:

  • First House:
  • Physical body or form - The causal body of the soul.
    Appearance or manifestation - The emergence of the soul.
    The head. Brain - The head center.
    Personal activity - Soul expression.
    Mannerisms, etc - Ray types and qualities.

  • Second House:
  • Finances. Monetary interchange - Prana.
    Expenditures - Use of energy.
    Possessions - Control of the form.
    Losses - Withdrawal from matter.
    Gains - Acquisition of spiritual powers.

The other ten houses you can work out for yourselves. It is interesting to note, for instance, in connection with the second house (and the same idea can be applied to all of them) that Taurus, the mother of illumination, and Venus, the endower of mind plus the embodied soul, are related and active in this house. The light of matter and the light of the soul are both involved in the use of energy and in the problem of what is desired, what is regarded as loss, and what shall be the gained objective. It is, therefore, the house of values - material or spiritual.

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