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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Conclusions
4. Conclusions

We have reached a point in our consideration of the Science of Triangles wherein we can pause for a minute to consider our next approach to this subject and choose the theme by means of which we can throw more light upon it. It should by now be obvious to you that this Science of Triangles concerns the beneficence of Deity and that, through the intricate combinations of cosmic, systemic and planetary triangles, the purposes of God are working out. Those purposes are motivated by love. It is through these relationships that love expresses itself, brings about the needed changes for that expression, and human consciousness is brought into the required state of inclusiveness. [478]

It is through the squares or the quaternial relation that the form aspect is brought into relation and adequacy to the will of Deity, expressing itself through the gradually unfolding consciousness aspect. I am explaining this situation in these simple words because it must be apparent to you that only as the soul illumines the mind can the significance of the teaching be grasped. It is only when the stage of initiation is reached that the true meaning will emerge. In the meantime, I have sought to awaken in your minds a reaction to the abstract truth lying behind the two following statements:

  1. The Science of Triangles is related to the total expression of the divine triplicity of manifestation: will, love and intelligence or life, consciousness and form. Until, therefore, the disciple can express in himself the integrated resemblance to these three aspects, he will not be able to grasp the meaning of this subjective astrological science.
  2. On our planet, the Science of Triangles is related to the three major aspects, as they express themselves through Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. Again, therefore, we come up against the need for the approach of the integrated human being to this science because only the man who is responsive to these three focal points of energy can understand the interplay. Only, in fact, can the man apprehend the underlying truth whose two head centers and his heart center form a triangle of flowing energies.

In this connection, I would remind you of what I said earlier in the treatise that the Science of Triangles is related to spirit and synthesis. I would remind you also that what I have written in this astrological section, of the Treatise on the Seven Rays [479] is intended for the instruction of disciples at the close of this century and during the postwar period. Again I would also point out that I stated earlier that this science must always be approached from the angle of the three basic energies: i.e., those coming from the Great Bear, from the Pleiades and from Sirius; because (conditioned by time and space) these three types of energy pour through the three major centers, Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.

My problem has been to choose which of the myriad interlocking: triangular relationships I would take up with you and thus present this science in such a manner that it would prove of real interest. The inner web of light which is called the etheric body of the planet is essentially a web of triangles and when the evolutionary process is completed, it will have been organized. At present a pattern of squares is the major construction of the web but this is slowly changing as the divine plan works out. The etheric webs of the sacred planets are largely triangles whilst that of the Sun is that of interlaced circles. The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about a transformation of the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squares into triangles. This is done by the creation of division, by the application of the Law of Separation, but also by the recognition, in consciousness, of duality, the application of directed motion and the appearance of two triangles in the place of one square. When this has taken place, the perceiving consciousness recognizes identity and the rule of the square is ended. These words were once spoken to me by an ancient seer who bisected the square esoterically, thus forming two triangles and united them in a fresh manifestation to form a Star of Life. Ponder on this. [480]

It is for this reason that the astrologers of the future will emphasize the relation and the interrelation of triangles. The new astrologer will, as I have hinted before, lay the emphasis upon:

  1. The Science of Triangles, as the result of the growth of the initiate understanding.
  2. The rising sign, as it indicates the way of the soul.
  3. The place of the three Crosses (the Cardinal Cross, the Fixed Cross and the Mutable Cross) in the life of the soul. This will eventually supersede the houses in the horoscope and the 12 arms of the three crosses will take the place of the 12 houses when casting the horoscope of the soul.

I would reiterate again the fact that the new astrology will be occupied with the charting of the life of the soul. The 12 constellations, as they play their part in the life of the disciple through the medium of their distributing agents, the ruling esoteric planets, will gradually transform the exoteric form of the chart of the individual. This will be due to the focusing of the various energies in man, consciously and through intent, and will not concern his negative reaction to the conditioning energies.

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