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Very briefly I would like to touch upon the fact that, as might be expected, the influences of Leo-Pisces-Capricorn which dominate the present world situation, via Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity, are potent in their oft unrealized effect upon the individual people. They bring about changes in his life focus and in his centers just as they have wrought corresponding changes in the three planetary centers. In view of this certain basic ideas can here be emphasized:
  1. The influence of Capricorn, via Mercury, will have a dominant effect in the human kingdom - itself a planetary center.
  2. The individual disciple will, therefore, respond to this Capricornian influence most easily. It will constitute a line of least resistance, offering opportunity, as well as the chance of possible disaster if wrongly handled. Right response will lead the disciple nearer to the door of initiation; wrong response will take him back into the depths of crystallization and of concretion.
  3. Disciples who respond to the influences above mentioned will necessarily be largely conditioned by their rays, egoic and personal. First ray disciples will, for instance, respond to the Shamballa influence, transmitted from Leo and Saturn, more easily than will second ray disciples. These will in their turn react more rapidly and consistently to the Hierarchy, transmitting energies from Pisces and Uranus. [451]
  4. The above facts will demonstrate the nature and quality of the response of disciples on Rays and Rays 2.4.6. and this must always be borne in mind as being true of disciples, of all men and also of nations.
  5. According to the response so will be the evocation of the activity of the centers, or a center. But - and this is a point of major importance - all disciples must at this time seek to find their dominant reaction in a planned response to the influence of the Hierarchy and the energies transmitted by it. As a general rule, the impact of Shamballa force (particularly in the case of a disciple on Rays will be of a personality nature. It is the stimulation of the heart center with a consequent control of the solar plexus center which should be the planned result. The heart must dominate the solar plexus by the withdrawing of its energies to the heart.
  6. The time has not yet come when it is safe for the aspirant or the disciple to relate the head center and the base of the spine in response to a definite and conscious appropriation of Shamballa force. Whatever may take place automatically, normally and naturally and through the development of the disciple can and should be permitted to take place, provided there is no conscious intent and that there is also a close and careful scrutiny and control of the personality life.
  7. The awakening of the ajna center with the consequent and subsequent conscious control of the throat center must inevitably take place provided the disciple fulfils two conditions. He can then become consciously, safely and correctly creative. These two conditions are:
    1. A conscious orientation towards the soul and towards the Hierarchy. [452]
    2. A deep love for humanity, present and based on mental perception and intuitive understanding and not on emotional reaction.
  8. Where the above conditions are fulfiled, then the impact of the inflowing energies will produce the required stimulation and awakening.

This is all that I have to say about the response of the centers in the human being to the activity of the planetary centers under systemic and zodiacal stimulation. I am not here writing a treatise on the individual training of the disciple but am attempting to demonstrate the fact of cosmic, zodiacal, systemic, planetary and human interplay which in its turn constitutes a great and living Whole - the life expression of a Being of Whom we only know that love and the will-to-good, expressed through the Universal Mind, are the outstanding characteristics and that these are steadily emerging into increasing radiance.

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