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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P.
January 1937


With true first ray brevity, you have replied to certain questions which I have put to you and yet these replies are - from my point of view - most disclosing. With you, as with F. C. D. and R. S. U., the main difficulty is lethargy, based on a genuine physical disability. It is not my intention, therefore, to urge you to a greater activity but to a greater organization upon the inner planes and greater intuitive reflection. This group of disciples has undertaken to do two things:

  1. To assist the work of the New Group of World Servers in linking them, widely and consciously, to the men of goodwill throughout the world. This has to be done in order to bring in right and new conditions upon the earth.
  2. To find and organize the needed funds for this task. The last is in many ways the outer expression of the first, for just as money has been in the past the instrument of men's selfishness, now it must be the instrument of their goodwill. I commend this to you as a real thought and so to continue to use it (employing an American phrase) as a talking point.

The above is simply a summation of the task immediately ahead of all of you who are seeking to aid in our work and to this task I urge you and all associated with me. The walls of difficulty must go down and success must follow effort - the united pressure of determined souls pushing through to victory in spite of real odds. This united and definite effort must be carried forward without discouragement or questioning - with due attention to the time factor and with a sense of urgency. This will [167] negate all lost motion and will permit no opportunity to slide. There are, my brother, many who will give their cooperation but who, at this time, sidetrack their cooperation, owing to fear or to the over-emphasis of non-essentials. I refer here to those men of goodwill who are today aware of the urgency of the Master's work but still hold back assistance in full measure. There are those also who do not realize the urgency and are unaware of the immediacy of the Plan or even that there is a Plan. They, however, when faced with the issue will give.

It is not for me to deal with this problem, as we shoulder not the responsibilities of the World Servers. I present it to you, my brother, and to my group, and I throw behind you the weight of my strength and the stimulation of my love. One-pointed, directed effort can achieve results in spite of world conditions, misrepresentation by those who do not understand and the failure of responsive interest on the part of one's co-disciples - throughout the world or close at hand.

Brace yourself, therefore, and with the other members of my group push through. Stand steady and do not be so seriously troubled as to the progress of the work which seems not yet to move as rapidly as desired. When the movement does come, it will be rapid...

The following three sentences may aid you in handling your problem and help your progress as a worker:

  1. The sense of responsibility shines forth in flickering flames from every soul which has sought and found alignment. Fan those flames into a steady fire in every soul you meet. Ponder on this.
  2. The sense of sacrifice is faintly seen in every soul that loves the Plan. Teach them that sacrifice must touch the depths of giving and not call forth that which upon the surface lies or that which can be known. The unseen sacrifice must go with that which can be seen. Teach this.
  3. The sense of comradeship is surely known by each and all of you but needs the deepening of service shared. Shew this and draw it forth. The comradeship of burdens shared, the sense of deep response to need, the comradeship of service rendered, the urge to sacrifice - teach these to those who seek to work within the Master's plan and show all three yourself. [168]
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