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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
It will therefore be apparent how these three divine requirements (when stepped down for the use of the disciple in the modern world) indicate a line of training or of self [676] discipline to which all should apply themselves. When they have mastered even some of the earliest phases of this triple achievement, they will find that they can apply Rule Six with ease.

What is meant by the words "to keep the will in leash"?

The will aspect here considered is not that of the will-to-good and its lower expression goodwill. The will-to-good signifies the stable, immovable orientation of the initiated disciple, whilst goodwill can be regarded as its expression in daily service. The will-to-good, as expressed by a higher initiate, is a dynamic energy having predominantly a group effect; for this reason, the higher initiates seldom concern themselves with the healing of an individual. Their work is too potent and too important to permit them to do so, and the will energy, embodying as it does divine Purpose, might prove destructive in its effects upon an individual. The patient would not be able to receive or absorb it. It is, however, assumed that goodwill colors the entire attitude and thinking of the healing disciple.

The will which must be kept in leash is the will of the personality which, in the case of the initiated disciple, is of a very high order. It also relates to the will of the soul, emanating from the petals of sacrifice in the egoic lotus. All true healers have to create a healing thought-form, and through this they consciously or unconsciously work. It is this thought-form which must be kept free from a too powerful use of the will, for it can (unless held in leash, stepped down, modified or, if needed, eliminated altogether) destroy not only the thought-form created by the healer, but it can also build a barrier between healer and patient; the initial rapport is thus broken. Only a Christ can heal by the use of the will, and He seldom in reality healed at all; in the cases where He is reported to have done so, His reason was to prove the possibility of healing; but - as you will [677] note if you are familiar with the Gospel story - He gave no instructions to His disciples upon the art of healing. This is significant.

The self-will (no matter of how high a quality) of the healer, and his determined effort to heal the patient, create a tension in the healer which can seriously deflect the healing current of energy. When this type of will is present, as it frequently is in the inexperienced healer or the non-initiated healer, the healer is apt to absorb the patient's difficulty and will experience symptoms of the trouble and the pain. His wilful determination to be of help acts like a boomerang and he suffers, whilst the patient is not really helped.

So the instruction is to use love, and here a major difficulty emerges. How can the healer use love, freed from its emotional or lower quality, and bring it through in its pure state for the healing of the patient? Only as the healer has cultivated the three requirements, and has therefore developed himself as a pure channel. He is apt to be so preoccupied with himself, with the definition of love, and with the determination to heal the patient that the three requirements are neglected. Then both he and the patient are wasting each other's time. He need not brood or worry about the nature of pure love, or endeavor too ardently to understand how pure reason and pure love are synonymous terms, or whether he can show sufficient love to effect a healing. Let him ponder on the three requirements, particularly the first, and let him fulfil within himself these three requirements as far as in him lies and his point in evolution permits. He will then become a pure channel and the hindrances to the inflow of pure love will be automatically removed for "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he"; then, without obstruction or difficulty, pure love will pour through him and the patient will be healed - if such is the law for him. [678]

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