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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
The spirit of the earth has its correspondence in the created expression of the spiritual man; it is to be found in the existence of the personality elemental; this personality [640] elemental can be and frequently is an inchoate force, swayed entirely by desire, and no true personality integration is present; it can, however, be a highly organized and potent factor, producing what is called a high grade personality and an effective instrument for the spiritual man in the three worlds of his evolution. This is followed later by the conflicts upon the Path of Discipleship and the Path of Initiation. Then the livingness of the spiritual man, and his will to manifest divinely, dominate to such an extent that the death of the personality is brought about; this culminates at the time of the third initiation. At that experience the monadic will comes in with such dynamic potency that the will of the elemental lives of the threefold personality is completely negated.

But (to return to our theme) the atomic substance, impregnated with the life of the spirit of the earth and with the driving force of its inchoate will, demonstrates as magnetic power and is constantly in conflict, within the body of manifestation of the informing soul, with the life of the soul. This conflict or friction is the main cause of what you call disease.

Disease is inharmony; it is the fault of fire by friction; diseased areas are areas of friction wherein the atomic substance is temporarily asserting its own type of livingness and responding (sometimes to the point of death) to the magnetic pull of the will of the spirit of the earth. If that pull proves adequately strong, the friction within the atomic structure, localized in the area of some etheric center, will be of such a nature that the quality of the disease increases, the life of the spiritual man is slowly or rapidly withdrawn; the desire for existence, the spiritual will-to-be is not then as strong as the will to be reabsorbed - the will of the atoms constituting the physical body; the man, therefore, dies, in the usual sense of the term. [641]

The planetary life says, "The hour of reabsorption has arrived. Return to me." The urge to return is at present the dominant note in the substance of the bodies of humanity; it is responsible for the universal ill health which distinguishes the mass of human beings; this tendency has been dominant for centuries; the attitude is, however, slowly changing, and the time will eventually come when the atoms of the bodies, or the elemental forces, will be sent back along the path of reabsorption only at the will of the spiritual man and in response to his express command, and not in response to the magnetic power of the spirit of the earth.

We have seen - as we considered the Laws and Rules to date - that fundamentally, disease and death are due to the withdrawal of solar life (the energy of the soul, sometimes called solar fire) either from some particular area of the physical body or from the entire body. This fact should remind students of the need to distinguish between the force or life of the "lunar lords," inherent in every atom of which all organs and forms are made, and the energy of the soul which permeates the entire body as an integrating factor. Speaking symbolically, therefore, there are times in which the life of these lunar lords are so dominant that the life of the soul is overpowered in some particular area, and the consequent withdrawal of the solar life produces disease; or - putting it another way - the friction which ensues when the lunar lords are not compliant produces disease. Yet death is not indicative of a full victory of the lunar lords, but rather that under the plan of the soul, and because the life cycle is complete, the energy of the soul is entirely withdrawn, leaving the lunar lords alone. At times (because it is also in the planning of the soul) the lunar lords temporarily are the victors, though death does not follow; convalescence is significant of the gradual re-entry of soul energy and its subsequent control [642] of the lunar lords. This aspect of soul energy is not that of those energies which represent and lead to the expression of soul quality. It is life energy, coming from the Monad which passes through the soul as a channel and medium of contact; its direct channel is, needless to say, the sutratma. It is not the antahkarana, or the creative thread or the thread of consciousness. These are frequently rendered inactive when acute disease is present, and the life aspect is weakening or rapidly or slowly withdrawing itself.

You can see, therefore, why it is that those who have succeeded in building the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge between the Monad and the personality, have established a contact (non-existent in the average man) between the Monad, the Source of Life, and the personality - the expression of that Life in objectivity. The Monad then, and not the soul, controls the cycles of outward expression, and the initiate then dies at will and according to plan or the necessities of the work. This, of course, refers only to initiates of high degree. I felt these points to be interesting and also useful for you to know. Another point, growing out of all the above, indicates the all-inclusiveness of the divine Life, for the lunar lords are aspects of that Life as much as is the energy of the soul.

It is therefore of prime importance that cremation should be encouraged, and not the present method of burial. Cremation returns the life of the lunar lords more rapidly to the central reservoir of life than any other method, for "our God is a consuming Fire" and all fires have affinity with the central Fire.

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