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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Germs

How inadequately do words meet the need of truth. We use the word "germ" to indicate the source of some disease or the origin of some form. We talk of a germ or seed of life; we refer to the germ of an idea; we indicate that intangible point of energy which results later in some kind of manifested form. It may be a thought-form, a human being, or a disease, yet the same word has to suffice for all three. How oft have I told you that all is energy and that there is naught else. A germ is a point of energy having within it certain living potentialities, causing certain effects upon the surrounding field of energy, and producing certain forms of expression which are recognizable upon the physical plane. But all that is referred to is, in the last analysis, some form of active energy that forms part of the energy available upon and within and around the planet Earth.

In relation to disease, a germ still remains a point of energy, but it might be regarded as energy which is not functioning correctly in relation to the particular form which has become susceptible to its activity or aware of its presence.

Germs are the first effect of an original cause. Some few form a part of the planetary evil, which means that they have a deep seated and mental origin and one of such magnitude that the finite minds of men cannot yet grasp them. Such causes, for instance, may have their effects as a fierce and fiery and hot devotion to an idea or a person, or they may work out as an equally fierce and fiery fever in the physical body, and to this fever, according to its symptoms, a technical name will be given by the medical [ 321] profession. The originating cause is the same, and the effects in the personality will differ according to the focus of the attention or where the emphasis of the life is laid. Ponder on this for I have given a hint here of real importance.

When I used these words, "the focus of attention," I did not refer to any mental attitude or to an attentive mind, but to the impact of life force in any given direction, any locality and any aspect of the human body, where the directed life energy goes. Germs are living organisms, great or small. They find their way into the human mechanism through the medium of the life force which, in its turn, uses the heart and the blood stream as its agents of distribution. In the same way, the energy of consciousness uses the nervous system and the brain as its distributing agency. Where there is inherent or inherited weakness, there the life force is not properly focused, and there will be found some form of congestion, or some form of arrested development, or some form of predisposition to disease. When this is the case, germs can find a fruitful place in which to display their malignant activity. When the vitality is great and the life force has free and unimpeded circulation, then there will not be these predispositions, the germ cannot find a lodging, and there will not be the risk of infection.

For instance, scarlet fever is contagious, but not all those exposed to it succumb. The ability to throw off infection and immunity from contagious diseases is largely a matter of vitality (perhaps vitality in particular areas of the body where the focus of the attention and the emphasis of the life force may be found). It can also be based upon the activity of the blood corpuscles., which serves to keep the blood stream in good condition. [322]

This focus and emphasis is the same in connection wit animals, for it is not the focus of the mind but of the life energy within the physical body. This, when present and positive, protects. When it is negative and weak, it leaves the physical body (human and animal) open to the dangers of infection.

I cannot explain more fully than this, for the problem of origin and method remains an insoluble problem just a long as man remains equipped with his present mental approach and emotional reaction to pain and disease, and just as long as he places the same exaggerated emphasis upon form life. When a better sense of proportion has bee developed, and men are beginning to think in terms of the soul and purposes and destiny, then disease, as we know it, will fall into two major categories:

  1. Those which produce purification and necessitate period of returning and of rest for the body, preparatory to continued life on earth.
  2. Those which produce the withdrawal or abstraction of the soul in its two aspects - livingness and consciousness.
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