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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy
In Atlantean days, the goal that the Hierarchy of Teachers set before Themselves was the awakening in man of the love nature, as a step towards the awakening of the heart center. To do this, the Teachers at that time were Themselves focused (deliberately and of intent) in the heart center, and chose to work entirely through that center, subordinating Their mental equipment and [383] the mental energy They could use to the need of the time. They kept Their mental force in abeyance when training the initiates until the time the third initiation was reached. In our race, the condition is reversed. The Hierarchy is working now entirely on mental levels, though basing all endeavor upon past achievements in connection with the heart center. Up to the third initiation therefore, disciples have to endeavor to work entirely with mental energy, in an effort to control, master and use it. Their attempt is concentrated then upon transmitting (from egoic levels) the will aspect of the soul. That will has to be imposed upon the personality until it has become the automaton of the soul. Then the intuition takes control, and energies from the intuitional or buddhic plane begin to make their impact upon the form nature, the personality. Prior to this period of intuitional control, there are many lives lived wherein the intuition may begin to play its part, and the student learns the meaning of illumination. Until after the third initiation, however, it is the illumined mind which is the dominant factor, and not the pure intuitive perception, or pure reason. After this great initiation, which marks a definite transition out of the form consciousness, the initiate can function at will on the plane of the intuition, and the mind is steadily relegated into the background till it becomes a part of the instinctual apparatus - as much a part of the subconscious instinctual nature as is the instinctual nature which the materialistic psychologist so much stresses. Intuitive perception, pure vision, direct knowledge, and an ability to utilize the undifferentiated energies of the Universal Mind are the main characteristics of the Aryan adepts. I use the word "undifferentiated" in the sense of freedom from multiplicity; certain main distinctions will still be found to exist. The will of the soul, regarding that soul as having [384] its place on one of the seven Rays, is superseded by the will of the Whole.

These are words meaning but little, or having at best only a theoretical significance to students in this group. When I say to you that the will which is transmitted through the medium of the controlled mind is embodied in seven types of energy, and to these seven types, there are corresponding types of humanity, you say doubtless that that is clear and not so difficult to grasp. Yet do you indeed understand? Seven types of energy, and seven types of responsive mentalities, dependent upon the seven ray types! In this statement, we note the differentiations of the soul aspect as grasped by the mind. These are the seven differentiations which take the place of the multiplicity of differences into which the form aspect falls. They are, nevertheless, distinctions and differentiations, and persist in their hold over man until the third initiation. By them he is swept into certain major activities and life tendencies, according to his particular ray. These are mental distinctions. All souls on the mental plane take the forms of the solar Angels, of the divine Sons of mind. Hence we have these groupings, and hence the focusing of the energies through which the Plan of the Ages works out through seven main departments.

At a later stage, when certain great transitions in consciousness have taken place and the form has lost its hold, even these divisions disappear, and the plan is seen as a whole, the Life is known in its essential oneness, and the term, monad, begins to have some real significance.

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