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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future
Each center or chakra is composed of three concentric interblending whorls or wheels which in the spiritual man upon the probationary path move slowly in one direction, but gradually quicken their activity as he nears the portal of the Path of Initiation. On initiation, the center of the chakra (a point of latent fire) is touched, and the rotation becomes intensified, and the activity, fourth dimensional. It is difficult to express these ideas in words that can be comprehended by the uninitiated, but the effect could be described as a changing from a measured turn to one of a scintillating radiation, a "wheel turning upon itself", as the ancient Scriptures express it. Hence, when by purification, conformity to rule, and an aspiration that brooks no hindrance and that ceases not for pain, the aspirant has caused his centers to pulsate and to rotate, then - and only then - can the Master lead him into the Presence of the Hierophant. The Initiator then, with full knowledge of the disciple's ray and of his subray, both egoic and personal, and recognizing any karma that still may cling, touches the center or centers which are in line for vivification, and the hidden fire will then rush up and become focalized. Remember always that in the vivification of a center there is always a corresponding vitalization of the analogous head center, till eventually the seven centers in the body and the seven centers in the head rotate in unison. Remember also that just as the four minor rays pass into the three major rays, so the four minor centers carry on the correspondence and pass into pralaya, finding their focal point in the throat center. Thus you will have the three centers - head, heart and throat - carrying the inner fire, with the three major head centers vibrating in unison also.

I realize that this is all intricate and technical. It has its place and value however, and much that here is communicated will find its usefulness when you are all passed over to the other side and a fresh band of aspirants will follow in your footsteps. The training of the mental body has a value, and many evade such technicalities, hiding behind an emphasis upon the life side of truth, all due to an inherent mental laziness. This that you now receive is but the A. B. C. of esotericism. Waste not time however in too detailed deduction. All that is now possible is a broad general outline, patient reserve, a willingness to recognize physical brain limitations and the accepting of an hypothesis. Believe these hypotheses possible unless your intuition revolts or they are contradicted [364] by past teaching given by other of the Lodge's Messengers. I do not dogmatize to you. I only in these instructions give you certain information, - the correctness of which I leave the future to demonstrate. I simply ask that you make record and in the coming years much that may now seem peculiar or mayhap even contradictory will be elucidated, slowly unraveled, and more easily comprehended. A little knowledge leads to much confusion unless laid aside for future use when the years of instruction have increased the store.

To return to our theme: - The heart center in man opens the door into what is called "the heart of the Sun." The throat center opens the way into full understanding of the path of the physical Sun and all true astrologers must eventually have that center functioning. The head center opens the way to the central spiritual Sun, each passing, via the planetary correspondence, to one of the cosmic planes.

Thus we have a summation of technicalities, and of facts, which are (under the Law of Analogy) of purely academic interest and no more. Even those of us who are initiate know practically nothing of the cosmic planes beyond the cosmic physical. Our consciousness is only beginning to be solar, and we are laboring in our small measure to overcome those planetary limitations which hold us back from solar knowledge and life. For aspirants who have not even a knowledge of what planetary consciousness signifies, the above information has only one value and that is, that it emphasizes the synthetic nature of the great plan and the fact that the smallest unit is an integral part of the whole. It enforces the idea that energy is a life fluid circulating throughout the entire body of the Logos, and vivifying therefore even the tiniest atom in that whole. It is valuable to endeavor to grasp the picture and to vision the wonder of what is transpiring. It is waste of time, nevertheless, to [365] ponder upon the cosmic astral plane, for instance, when even the plane of the ego (the fifth subplane of the cosmic physical plane, counting from above downwards) is as yet inaccessible to the average man and is the goal for all his aspiration and meditation.

For man, therefore, the Universal Mind can best be grasped as it expresses itself through what we call the concrete mind, the abstract mind, and the intuition or pure reason.

The concrete mind is the form building faculty. Thoughts are things. The abstract mind is the pattern building faculty, or the mind which works with the blue prints upon which the forms are modeled. The intuition or pure reason is the faculty which enables man to enter into contact with the Universal Mind and grasp the plan synthetically, to seize upon divine Ideas or isolate some fundamental and pure truth.

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