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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future
One of the great schools of thought or trend of ideas which is destined to pass away is that of the current philosophies as we now know them. Philosophy in its technical sense as the love of wisdom will increase as men understand increasingly the meaning of wisdom and become epochally wiser, but the present schools of philosophy have nearly served their purpose. This has been the formulation of ideas concerning God and His relation to man, concerning divinity, eschatology and spiritual relationships.

The last great gestures of the philosophical schools remain yet to be made. Their place will be taken in later centuries by those who will in deed and in truth be cosmologists, for once the Word of Mankind is understood and grasped and the significance of the individual appreciated, the Word of the Cosmos will receive due and more correct attention, and the laws and nature of that great Being in Whom we live and move and have our being will be studied. The cosmic Christ can never be known by any except the individual Christ.

Man, as we shall see as we proceed, is on the verge of [340] establishing his divinity. Evolution has carried forward the perfecting of the mechanism to such an extent that it is now a coordinated integrated organism, a usable structure and ready for the divine user. In the course of the next few decades the fact of the soul will be established, and the work of the introspective thinkers, the mystics and occult students will be carried forward to the point where soul force will be established as a racial concept, and the laws of the soul will be recognized as superseding, though not abrogating (for the lesser is ever included in the greater) the laws of man. This in the sense that the law is ever kept by a manifesting soul, for, since there is no inclination to break it, there is no tendency on his part to infringe it.

This growing conviction as to the soul as the self is evidenced by the opposition to the theory called forth by the schools of thought which emphasize the dominance of matter and trace all phenomena, objective and subjective, to the activity of matter. Through the wrestling of those holding differing points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in a larger case, spirit "mounts on the shoulders of matter" back to its original position, plus the gain in quality which is the result of the experience. This being so, knowledge will take the place of theory, and direct evidence that of speculation. The theorizing of men as to their divine nature must shortly give place to conviction and their philosophizing to direct investigation of the soul. That which is recognized and admitted, even if not understood, is the object of attention and investigation and the day will dawn before so very long when an experimental science of the soul will have its place in the universities and public endowments and not the proving of the soul, but an analysis of its nature, purposes, and life will receive an attention equal to that now given by modern scientists in their varying branches to the mechanism the soul seeks and eventually will use, [341] for naught can arrest that great evolutionary development.

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